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My poor cat keeps getting raped

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  • My poor cat keeps getting raped

    I'm so over it.My cat Pilchard (female,desexed )keeps getting raped by this disgusting tom.

    It's really getting on my goat,she likes out yard and rarely strays into other yards ,it always happens in our yard and she stinks when she comes inside.

    Oh yuck.

    Any advice to keep this horrible cat away,i never get close enough to spray it.

    Do desexed toms do this?

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    Are you sure it is rape??? Not sure how to put this, but I have never seen cats appear to 'make love'......I just assumed it was always quite a bit nasty looking.

    Can you lock your cat up or something?


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      if she is desexed he is not raping her, he amy be fighting with her, or marking on her but not raping her as such, you could keep your cat in at ngiht, set up a cat trap and take it to the cat haven that is what we have done with problem cats, otherwise it is very difficult to keep a cat out of your yard


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        If she is desexed, then there would be no sexual attraction to males. Sounds like territorial fighting. If she is getting roughed up that much, keep her inside.

        Is it a cat of a neighbour or a wild/feral? You could contact your council about it if it is causing havoc and fighting with cats.


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          Actually for spayed females I doubt they lose all their sexual instinct, just the mechanics for pregnancy. Males on the other hand when neutered lose the lot :-)

          So she could be enjoying it, you never know.

          I know what a nuisance next door cats can be though, I have had 2 kittens who had to get fed indoors because they get bullied out of their food by the next door cat. Poor little things used to come running every time he showed his face.


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            I'm not a vet, but if they only lost the mechanics then they would still be attacked by males all the time. It would be like a hysterectomy and having your ovaries out, you don't ovulate hence female cats don't send out 'I'm fertile' signals. Have NEVER had a male around our 3 desexed females


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              Agreed LCM, but as for women, I doubt that the sexual interest is all in the ovaries (though they wouldn't send out pheromones I agree). Whereas for toms it is mostly in the testicles and we know from the ******** history of human eunuchs that this is true of men too.

              It could explain it that while she isn't sending out pheromones of fertility he is just desperate and she looks like a female. KWIM? Then it would be hard to say if she was unwilling or not. That's all I was saying.


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                Get a cat trap from the Council. If your cat is staying in your yard, you shouldn't have to put up with other cats roaming in. If the Tom is entacted, he is probably feral anyway.

                If you can afford it, get a cat enclosure.


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                  Originally posted by 4B2L View Post
                  Are you sure it is rape??? Not sure how to put this, but I have never seen cats appear to 'make love'......I just assumed it was always quite a bit nasty looking.
                  Sorry, couldn't help it!

                  You can get stuff at pet feeders designed to keep dogs and cats away. Perhaps if you sprayed the perimeter of your yard it would keep them both away from each other?


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                    Thanks i'll try that!!


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                      okay to clear this one up, when a female cat is sterilised, the ovaries and uterus are removed, so there are no pheremones etc, when males are nuetered testicles are removed this does not stop territorial fighting it just stops mating.