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  • robot vaccuum cleaner

    does anyone have one? would you reccommend it? i saw a special on one on dealme on facebook and am thinking of getting one but dont know if it would be a waste of money

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    It can be fun ! Google dj rumba


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      my SIL has one and she uses it all the time! i wouldn't say it would replace a full on vacuum but def. keeps the floors in check.

      she only does a full proper vacuum about once a month now because 'Bruce' (as he has been named lol) keeps things pretty dirt free

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        We bought the LG Roboking and I love it! Our house is too big for it to clean in one charge, so it goes back to the dock, recharges then heads back to where it left off the finish the job. It has two sensors which means it does't tend to bash into stuff/walls as much, it slows and turns if it 'sees' something in the way.

        I've attached a puc of the job it did in the tv room today ... my clean-freak hubby loves it ... lol. I clean the 'dustbin' as it calls it, everytime it docks and it is always full of dust/fur/hair and I run it daily. Very happy with the performance.

        To be honest I think you are better off spending the extra $$ and getting a known brand one. There is a great thread on Whirlpool where everyone discusses the pro and cons of the different brand/models, helped us when we were looking.

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          My BIL has one in his 2 bedroom batch pad and doesn't have to vac at all. Though TOOT is pretty busy after a visit from my kids, so I wouldn't recommend it if you have kids

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            We have one and I love it!! "James" goes off every night and it's lovely to wake up to a vacuumed house!! We have an open planned tiled house and he does a wonderful job. I only need to go around the walls every month or so. It does a good job on carpet too, but the collection bin needs to be emptied more frequently if we use it on the carpet.


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              I have an irobot 'roomba' which I bought from the good guys.
              I have four indoor cats (I show and breed ragdolls), and I absolutely love it. We have carpet in the bedrooms and hard floors through the rest of the house, and it has no trouble picking up all the tumbleweeds my cats leave around the house.
              Highly recommend!


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                thanks everyone. can i ask what brands do you have?


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                  We have an irobot roomba.


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                    I have the mop version (iRobot Scooba) and love it We have all hard floors (cork) and it's so good to be able to stick it on when going out and come home to a clean floor