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Going to make the big move sometime this year... Has anyone done the same?

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  • Going to make the big move sometime this year... Has anyone done the same?

    After being up at Fingal Bay (Nelson Bay area) for 3 days and catching up with 2 lovely bubhubbers on the Central Coast this week, I have decided I am definitely going to move up to Nelson Bay area sometime this year.

    The lifestyle is BEAUTIFUL

    Just peter and myself went up to visit my best friend, her partner and their two girls and I fell in love with the place.

    Also spending time with my best friend and her family up there made me realise how close we all are, especially the kids, and I want our kids to grow up together.

    I am excited at the concept of moving up there but at the same time a little worried.

    It's about a 3 hour drive from where I live now, and because I have been so used to living around major shopping centres and having family so close by, it's a tad daunting moving so far from it all.

    At the same time though I don't want to live my life based around fears.

    I know deep down it would be fantastic for us all to be living up there together and I have such a great relationship with my best friend and her partner, they always make me feel at home.

    I want to give peter the life I always wanted, which was to grow up closer to the water and live that sort of lifestyle.

    Living in Western Sydney just doesn't seem worth it anymore.

    I love that the 3 days we spent up there, we spent so much time in the outdoors, at the beach and just spending so much quality time together (peter and I).

    Coming home, I felt that my bond with peter was even stronger than before.

    I guess I'm just wanting to see if anyone has made such a big move from family and how did you adjust?

    I know this would be the right for me and peter to do and would be a beautiful fresh start for us but just have a few little concerns.


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    I moved from Canberra to Melbourne 6 years ago. Even thought the reason I moved has gone, I am still here and have no plans to move back near my family. It took a while to adjust as I didn't know anyone here but I have a great group of friends now.


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      Thanks Chelle.

      I think I will miss my family a bit, but knowing I would be moving where I have my best friend and her little family would definitely make the adjustment a lot easier. Especially as peter would be re-united with his little girlfriend he he

      He just seemed so excited and at ease there and I really didn't want to come home.

      Since being home it's all I can think about, moving up there... maybe that's telling me something.

      Plus it is only a 3 hour drive, not interstate or anything. I just don't want my family to hold it against me as peter is the only child in our family at the moment.


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        Definitely something that I have in the pipeline for later this year.....

        As yet, my destination is unknown.... a bit more exploring to do yet....

        The bay is lovely.... and there is a decentish shopping centre at Salamander Bay (about 5-10 mins away) plus you are only an hour at most from Newcastle..... so if its shopping you are worried about then don't be.... just pick the spot you chose to live in wisely....

        Good luck with it all!


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          TwoWiseGirls - Yeah my best friend said Salamander Bay has a shopping centre with Kmart, Target etc... Which is the most we would need anyway.

          I love the fact that that area has a lot of retired people too. It's not so commercialised like many other coastal places. Very family friendly and peaceful, which is what I want.

          Plus rentals are cheaper than what they are here and offers a much better lifestlye than here.

          Thank you Good luck to you too!


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            We just went to Agnes Waters a couple of weeks ago and came back feeling the same way. After living in Brisbane (which I love), there is something magical about the coast.

            We loved the quiet relaxed lifestyle, could take time out to read a book, walk along the beach etc. I can take my work anywhere however it would be tough for DH.

            So reality set in once we got back however will be holidaying up there as much as possible now.

            We have made a even bigger move 12 years ago from NZ to Brisbane and the first year I found really tough being away from family and friends. Then I realised your real friends will always be there and your family could visit. After the first year and going back to NZ I realised our lives were here is Australia, it is such a beautiful country and there are plenty of opportunities here.

            Good luck with your decision, it has be be right for you all.


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              lovely area..and its actually less than an hour about 45mins from newy..i was up there my self a couple weekends sisterdh family have a holiday shack at soldiers pt(near salamander) and she asked to have my dd#1 for a few days over the xmas break..they went fishing and sking on their boat ..we go over every so often...just find it a bit busy with all the tourists on weekends and holidays..but relaxing out of those times!


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                We are moving to the coast in the next 12 - 18mths & we cannot wait !!!!

                I want the lifestyle but i also want the housing lol !

                Not having a backyard is killing us ! If we had a child who wasnt as active as Boof it wouldnt be a big deal but he really needs the space. Plus i want some space in the house too !

                The more we are getting things into gear for it to happen the more anxious i am to move. Whilst its going to be sad moving i know its the right thing for us !

                I cant wait


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                  I am looking to do the opposite to you - I live about 30 mins away from Port Stephens/Nelson Bay at the moment but I'm looking to move a couple of hours south I think.

                  It is a bit worrying - even though my parents don't see much of the girls, they live close so they can if they want to, they won't be happy about me taking that away from them


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                    Sounds wonderful!

                    Look at it this way though - it doesn't have to be forever. If you find after a year (or whatever) that it's not quite what you expected, there's nothing at all stopping you from moving back.

                    Moving house isn't absolute.


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                      Oooh i'm jealous! Would love to move somewhere coastal. I loved Wooloongong so that's the other coast close to Sydney, but yeah have heard Newy/and areas are pretty nice too. Funny thing is i lived on the Sunshine Coast for years and found it boring, too touristy and too crowded, i love the nice 'quiet' coastal lifestyle. I would totally do it if i were you!


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                        I guess the only thing that I'd say be aware of is that when you were up there, you were essentially on holidays - and you can't maintain that kind of lifestyle when you're there every day. If you're prepared for that, and the fact that it won't ALWAYS be that relaxed and fun, you should be fine

                        Other than that, it sounds divine!


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                          Thanks everyone

                          Oh yes, I know that I wouldn't be a beach bum all day everyday haha

                          I would want to get part time work anyway, just like I would if I was living here in Western Sydney.

                          I'm definitely keen on the move but not 100% sure on where on the coast yet.

                          Tossing up between the Bay area or the Central Coast

                          Schooling, hospitals etc is a big concern for me also. I want a great education for peter and have to look more into that with particular areas.

                          Thanks so much everyone for your feedback.

                          A seachange is definitely on our horizon, just a matter of where is still in the works

                          Nat xxx


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                            Nelson Bay is fantastic for kids. We love it there. I would move there again I am not that attached to my family. 3 hours is nothing on the scale of things anyway!


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                              Naw Nat, I know you loved me but didn't realise you loved me this much!

                              I'm absolutely stoked for you to move up here.
                              I think it would be perfect for your beautiful, little family.

                              I would love knowing you feel comfortable where you live and are comfortable with tackling the work force up here, (the Central Coast/Nelsons bay, would be the perfect area for a make-up artist on wheels!).

                              The best bit of advice I can offer is, visit more!
                              Come up on weekends and check it out and spend some time at the local attractions and see if you can see yourself really living here.
                              Go shopping, check out the job availability, rental availability (less scarce then Sydney!).
                              As Ally said about the want for a backyard. You are guaranteed a backyard on the coast.
                              You don't get charged and arm and a leg in rent for it either.

                              It's sad that my family are working on moving closer to Syd and you'll be working on moving further away. LOL But I know we'll still see each other, good luck stopping me from stalking you!