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Face paint suitable for sensitive skin

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  • Face paint suitable for sensitive skin

    Hey everyone,
    any idea where I could find a really good face paint (for birthdays for example) which is suitable for most skin types?
    I found the Derivan brand.
    but I'm wondering if there's anyone who has other suggestions or who has had issues with this brand?


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    You have come to the right place!
    I am a professional face painter, and I use TAG paints.
    I am not so keen on Derivan, except their gel glitters for very specific dots

    I buy my facepaints from either or

    Many professionals also use the Snazaroo brand, but I have not tried this brand personally, so I cannot comment directly on those.

    If you are just doing one birthday party, I would get red, black, white and most girls want butterflies and most boys want spiderman, and you can easily talk the rest into same!

    Look, having said all that....if you are just doing one birthday party, then a set of the small Derivan pots will be the most economical. If you have kids with sensitive skin, you can put barrier cream (pretty much just night cream) on their face first. you are not going to get a professional result, but it will be more economical than buying professional quality paints like TAG.

    Hope this helps.

    Ask more questions if you like

    edited to add: you can buy small pots of Derivan paints from Spotlight and some Junk Shops...I wouldn't bother going online...I think they are about $4 - $5 for a 30ml pot.
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      safe face paint

      I just stumbled on this question and I'm guessing maybe it's one that pops up from time to time, especially as little ones start becoming more interested in face painting. Yes face painting a fun thing to do with kids but safety should always be paramount. Luckily these days there are quite a few safe face paint brands on the market, although you probably won't find them in a craft or discount store. If you go to a specialist retailer, they can give you tips and advice as well as a great range to choose from. I shop with - Tag and Global Colours are both trusted and Australian owned brands of face paint. Vegan and not tested on animals. Mehron, Superstar, Ruby Red, Kryvaline... These are imported but also used widely by professionals. It should be noted that while these brands are hypoallergenic, nonetheless an occasional mild sensitivity is reported so a patch test isn't a bad idea. Having said that, you will find the quality of these water activated face paints far superior to that you may find in the junk shop. Hope this helps!