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  • Meal Plan help needed

    I have never done one of these before and don't really have that many good meals that I do cook, any advice, meals, help would be appreciated.

    I do have these that are good and my family like.
    * Mexican
    * Quiche
    * Satay Beef
    * Spaghetti
    * Lamb Cuttlets with tomato and onion, mash and veggies

    Any more good quick easy meals, that can be frozen as well would be good.

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    I'll find my list that I am going to be working off and send to you if you want. PM me your email address.


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      I also cook up and freeze

      Crumbed and herbed chicken
      Curries and Casserole's.
      Hamburgers (with the spices in)

      And that's all i can think of at the moment, hehe.


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        what about spag bol? you can make up the mince part and freeze that, and when you want it again you just have to reheat and cook the pasta

        you could make beef strog, thats good frozen, Bacon and egg pies, i make stuffed peppers, the mince in them the little ones can eat and the adults can have the peppers, and the whole lot can be frozen


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          Hamburgers would be good, and maybe another pasta dish like mac cheese or make something up?

          I've been making an awesome chicken and bacon pasta sauce that i created off the top of my head mmm...

          And how about having 2 different mexican dishes. Eg; my DP and i love mexican too, so one night we might have tacos with beef mince and then another night burrito or fajita wraps with chicken strips that i marinate myself.

          And what about a home-made pizza?


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            Stews, casseroles and curries freeze up pretty good.