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am I the worst mum in the world

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  • am I the worst mum in the world

    For the first time in my pregnancy I would dearly love to sit down this morning and get totally rotten drunk and smoke a full packet of ciggarettes . I have no plans on doing either of these things but my 5 year old daughter has nearly driven me there this morning.

    What has she done to get me there??? Well this is where I am going to sound like the worst mum in the world.

    From the moment she opened her eyes at 5.30 this morning she has wanted to Kiss me. (sounds bad doesnt it) but not to be loving or becasue she wanted to be near me, it was purely so all the attention was on her at all times

    She wanted me to stop doing the dishes and kiss her and when I wouldnt she cried and said I didnt love her. She wanted me to stop vomiting ( I still have morning sickness) and kiss her hair . When I couldnt she pulled the doona off my bed and put it in the spa (which was empty thank god)

    When I was reading my sons reader with him she sat on my other knee and kissed me all over the face and when I still didnt give her all my attention she started liking my face. Then she threw his reader on the floor and started crying.

    My daughter is in no way starved of affection or time . She is home with me all day apart from kinder and we always do special things together . Sometimes I seem to be ignoring my son just becasue she is so demanding that I have to give in to her to keep the peace.

    The worst thing of all is that know that she is at kinder I feel totally awfula dn guilty for not giving into her and just kissing her . She so knows how to push my buttons.

    It is 10.00 and I am so totally exhausted and stressed that I dont want to pick her up from kinder at 12.00. Im dreading it

    anyway that was my winge and reading back over it I think it is quite possible that I AM the worst mother in the world . Geez who winges about their kids wanting to kiss them

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    You're definetly not the worst mother at all!! Children make us go crazy sometimes and thats their job! Sometimes when Jayden is so whingy i feel the same way. Maybe just have a glass of wine, it'll settle your nerves down. Thats what i do and it works!!



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      Sounds like a pretty full on morning at your house. I don't know how you cope with all that and morning sickness. Just goes to show that us mums are a special breed.

      I hope you can find 10 minutes to do something special for you before you go and pick Molly up. (Paint your nails, veg out in front of the telly, read a trashy mag... whatever)

      Big hug for you.


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        thanks guys I have found something special just for me I am chatting on bubhub. Always makes me feel soooooo much better


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          Does she like drawing? Colouring in?

          How about playdough?

          Dosen't really take long to prepare and can keep a creative young mind busy for hours!

          Set up something she can be creative with, and tell her to make something for you/a relative/whoever (dosen't matter who!).

          Good luck!


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            I am with you on this one...

            I totally sympathise, this morning I had to ask my lovely partner to just take our daughter away from me. I have a migraine (this is the fourth day i ahve had it), am 71/2 months pregnant and little princess is 13 months old.

            Her crime? She found two cups in the bathroom and started bashing them on the tiles, making a really loud crashing sound, which she of course loved! And I felt like I was going nuts trying to get he to stop making the noise. I ended up snatching the cups from her, which made her cry and me feel worse.

            Luckily for me, my lovely partner came to the rescue.

            I hope you have someone to take/ help with Molly for a while, even an hour to give you a break.


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              She sounds pretty full-on. My DD is attention demanding too. You're not a bad mum at all!

              Lay back in the tub and have a small glass of wine. It'll do wonders to relax you.


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                A few months ago Chloe figured out that if she asked for a cuddle I'd stop and give her one. Boy was that a mistake on my part! She started asking for cuddles constantly! I never knew children could be such leeches, literally clamping themselves to your body.

                You're not the worst mum. Just human like the rest of us.


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                  hehe i snuck a ciggie the other night (i found one in a pocket from about a year ago) cos DD was being a pain, and i felt soooo guilty after. guilty but suprisingly relaxed!!! i brushed my teeth and had a shower before i went near the baby though!


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                    You're not the worst mum by any stretch of the imagination, and it sounds like things are pretty full-on for you at the moment.

                    I'm glad chatting on BH makes you feel heaps better. Thats what its here for.


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                      This thread is over two years old.