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    Well I've just realised that I'd better start Chrissy shopping soon. Gone are the days where I can leisurely saunter aound the shops looking for fun little knick knacks. I now have to work around ds's feeds, sleeps, grumpiness, too hot, too cold, tired etc etc. So shopping isn't quite as relaxed as it used to be.

    What presents have you given family that have been a success?
    (This includes grandparents, aunties, uncles etc)

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    The only presents I have found to be successful at christmas for family is the ones that come off their "wish lists". Each of our family members has to write one with gifts in varying price ranges (from $10 up). We all let the others know which one we are getting (so no double ups) and it makes xmas shopping a breeze.
    I always buy something thoughtful for my husband that I think of myself but for the parents in law, SIL, BIL etc etc we have lists. It sounds really boring but everyone gets what they really want.
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      I am dreading Christmas shopping this year!

      Some easy gifts (around $30) I have bought in the past are:-

      - Alcohol. (My MIL loves Baileys Irish Cream. Older men often appreciate a good bottle of Scotch or a selection of imported beers)
      - CD or DVD
      - Recipe books (good gift for Mum's)
      - T-shirts (Billabong surf T-shirts are great for DH or Brothers)
      - A Good quality lipstick such as Estee Lauder (also good for Mum's or Sister's)
      - If all else fails, everyone loves a Myer/Grace Bros voucher

      Hope this helps! I would love to hear some more ideas.



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        I have given up on "stuff" unless the person actually asks for it or drops hints.

        Movie vouchers go down a treat, you can buy ones that include drinks, popcorn and a choc top.

        I once bought my dad a voucher for a flight in a biplane, slightly OTT but a real hit.


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          I am making my MIL a herb garden (well a herb pot) we're both into gardening big time and I'm pretty crafty, I normally do scrapbook pages for her album of the boys, but I'm doing them a special album for their wedding aniversary, so I wanted something different.


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            Christmas Presents.

            Basically i get them what they need or actually want. You cant go wrong if you ask them what they want. If you want it to be a surprise then ask their partners what they want to keep it quiet. The other things that cant go wrong is chocies, flowers, xmas biscuits, they always are good pressies.



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              Mum and dad were easy last year. DD is their first grandchild so custom mugs and t-shirts with pics of DD on them were a hit.

              This year I picked up a suggestion off of her and am going to laminate a bunch of DD's paintings (A4 size) on backing paper as placemats for mum. She'll be thrilled to show her granddaughters talent off!


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                For grandparents etc - we made up our own calender with DS and ourselves on it and they loved it! Easy peasy to do and lasts a whole year

                A book voucher is always an easy option

                Magazine subscription - good old Womens Day

                Try a website called
                I used it for my brother and BIL's and thought it was great as it then gave them a huge range of places to spend their giftvoucher - not just the one you chose for them! Also saves you from actually trudging around shops with screaming, hungry bub - a definate plus

                Wattle - I Love the idea of framing childs artwork - think I will be keeping that idea in the back of my mind for future reference!

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