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Ok, Whats your Poison?

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  • Ok, Whats your Poison?

    Ok, Whats your Poison? are you a "champers darling" kind of girl or a straight up bourbon chick? Perhaps your into fancy cocktails or cheap wine

    Personally I dont drink, ok I do on the odd occassion,prob. twice a year I swear no more than that LOL

    But when I was a young cheeky party girl I loved Fruit tingles and Flirtini's!
    I have to admit to a passion pop addiction too in my teenage days

    So whats you ultimate drink?

    Do you have any good cocktail recipes?

    Any great wines you've tried lately?

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    i admit to being a passion pop addict too a few years

    now it is anything fruity or frozen... i loveeeeeeeeeee frozen cocktails.... midori is always a classic !

    ohh and i love the idea of shotz if im aiming to get very drunk....


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      the first ice cold beer on a friday night after work is always the best! i love a good charddy and i love a nightcap of baileys on ice.


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        At 11 weeks pregnant, this thread is cruel and unusual punishment....

        I, too, am a sucker for a good chardy (I like the oaky ones) or a nice shiraz in the cold months. Only 29 weeks to go......


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          So Sorry Cosmic I never even thought about you preggie girls out there How very rude of me!


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            being nine months pregnant it has been awhile...but i must say i dont mind a drink and i am looking forward to having my first ice cold beer. My ultimate poison if i am planning on a big night are White russians which are Vodka, Kalhua and Milk. YUM!!!


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              That's ok . I think when I hit the magic 13 weeks, I might have a very small glass of something to celebrate. Just a wee sip couldn't hurt, could it?...


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                I love a really cold beer (or 6) in summer. My ultimate drink is a good Cabernet though, and I do the unthinkable and chill them in summer (well, if its good enough for the French....!)


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                  Definitely a champagne girl here or a nice dry riesling goes down well too


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                    I'm a Red & White wine gal.

                    i am a member of a wine club and get 12bottles every 3 months though those bottles dont last 3months, generally 2mths. My club selects wines by if they have won a gold or silver medal only so there up round the $40 a bottle category.

                    Good wines i ve had of late: 2002,Frog Rock Creek,Chardonnay from the Hunter Valley, Mudgee and Cowra regions and 2001, Swagmans Kiss Sharaz from Margaret River.



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                      I don't want to sound boring: but I'm not sure that I have a regular poison these days. Champers makes me absolutely spastic....and the last time I did the champers thing I made such a fool of myself....lets not go there???
                      Love the G&T's but don't have too many of them these days either..
                      Wine is good with a meal but beyond that I fall asleep......I think I'm getting old.
                      O's mom.


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                        Margaritas all the way. I love my tequila. I'm a hard liquor kinda girl LOL when I get going. I love my Wild Turkey Rare Breed & Coke. MMM bourbon


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                          Originally posted by madvoice
                          Margaritas all the way. I love my tequila. I'm a hard liquor kinda girl LOL when I get going. I love my Wild Turkey Rare Breed & Coke. MMM bourbon
                          do you have a bad tequila story, madvoice? everyone has had a bad experience with tequila. well, i haven't but I have had someone else's bad experience.


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                            So far all of my tequila nights have worked out pretty well. No nasty hangovers and no nasty vomits. I steer clear of Opal Nera, Sambucca, Ouzo and Schnapps. They're EVIL!


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                              Did someone say Schnapps oohh I love Butterscotch its to die for!

                              But your right about it being deadly, my best friend drank a whole bottle of apple schnapps at my 21st as no one liked it but her We got to the afterparty (at a night club) and she threw up every where, ended up passing out and having to go home