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Poor DH worries too much

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  • Poor DH worries too much

    I am 36 weeks. I was out running errands from 10:30 until 12:10 and was driving for much of the last 30 mins so couldn't answer my mobile.

    Home answering machine:
    Call 1 10:45 "hi just checking in"
    Call 2 11:30 " hello? Are you there?"
    Call 3 11:55 "Call me back please"

    Text 1 10:30 how is your day?
    Mobile call 11:57 and 12:01
    Missed call from my mum at 12:10.
    i call him back immediately on getting home (missed the first text message as I was in bunnings and didn't hear it). He is relieved immensely and had pictured me in advanced labour on the floor. I reminded him the obstetrician said yesterday that it will not be for a while, and I had told him I was going out. Poor boy. Anyway so then I call my mum and she had left her meeting and was heading over to my place. Maybe I need t o get one of those old people alarms I can push if I fall over and can't get back up!

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    It's pretty sweet