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Homesick, not sure how to cope :(

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  • Homesick, not sure how to cope :(

    My husband and I have just moved to townsville from Brisbane.
    A little background info -
    Hubby is in the army and this is our first posting, for the last year I have been living with my parents and brothers while he has been gone at basic training and initalial employment training. I lived with them prior to us getting married as well. Hubby was back 5 days in Brisbane last week for us to pack and move, and that was it, we are now in townsville just like that! I have known for a month that we would be moving here but it just seemed to happen so quickly. I knew when he signed up for the army this is what we were in for, my dad is also in the army. I just didn't anticipate how much I would actually miss my family. Especially since i have lived by myself when i was younger...although i didnt have a very good home relationship at that stage.
    It is all new now living with my Dh after him being gone such a long time its like im relearning all his bad habbits and my pregnancy hormones arent making me very tolerable of thay lol.

    The main thing i am missing right nowb is dad. My dad is my hero, he has done everything for me and he is the one man I have been able to rely on and trust all my life, but now the time has come where I must let go of that and let my hubby do it all which I know he can, I just don't know how to let go of the secruity I feel with my dad.
    I have also had to leave behind my three pets, which were my babies, especial while we were struggling with infertility.
    I just feel so empty and depressed, like nothing feels normal anymore and I now have to find my feet in this new place where I know no one. I am a very shy person and home body so I know how difficult it is going to be for me to get out there and make new friends.
    I just can't stop thinking of home and everything that I usually do (e.g. just the simple things like having brekky with dad in the mornings or playing cards with my brothers and taking my dog for a walk )
    I just want to feel happy again, especially for my babies sake, and stop being angry at DH cause I know this isn't his fault.
    We have been here two days in a hotel and move into our new place next Wednesday.
    Has anyone else been homesick did u get through it?

    Sorry for such a long rambling post just needed to get it off my chest.

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    I'm glad you found a place you liked and will be moving in soon

    I have no real help in the missing home thing or family( haven't spoken to mine in nearly 2 years)

    But If you want to catch up for a chat or lunch once your settled in let me know. I've been here a little over 7 months now and would love to meet some new people.

    Hope you settle in well

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      Thanks monstermoos! The place is lovely, just not allowed pets which really sucks, I have never not had pets before! Hopefully once all our stuff arrives and we can actually move in I will feel more settled.

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        Yeah that's definately a bummer.
        I hope you like it up here good time to move though its much cooler at the moment. We moved here when it was stinking hot it was hell to get used to.

        Me(21) DH(25) DS(4) DD(2) +Tank (mastiff x)
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          Bump. Hoping someone who has been in a similar situation can offer some advice..spent the day crying in bed,hate feeling this way

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