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Gift ideas for school age girls

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  • Gift ideas for school age girls

    I'm pretty sure I started the same thread this time last year lol. My cousins are coming over for Xmas and I need to duck out and buy them a Xmas present (I'm the most organised person ever!).

    Any ideas? I'm completely lost. I'm not sure how old they are exactly - I think roughly 11, 9 and 7. I was into weird things as a child so I honestly have no idea what to get them.

    Everyone recommended Smiggle stuff last year and it was a big hit. I don't want to get the same thing every year though.
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    Gift ideas for school age girls

    My little sister is 11 and she is right into Typo things.


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      Gift ideas for school age girls

      One direction poster/book/cd
      Girls novel
      Perfume pack - I got a French connection one for our 11yr old cousin for $18 from chemist warehouse.
      Body shop (or similar) lip glosses, shower gel
      Surf brand pencil case for school.
      Surf brand singlet (depending on budget)
      Earrings or jewelry. We gave our teenage 'mothers help' a chunky flower ring which she loved.


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        Gift ideas for school age girls

        You could do up a little gift basket with a mixture of things..face masks, nail polish, chocolates, hair stuff, body wash, body spray.


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          All the suggestions pp's have said are good for e ages.

          My girls also like Gloss stuff. DD#1 bought DD#3 a cute little handbag from there. DD#2 bought DD#1 cute little earphones. Santa got them all some nail polish they have been wanting that is meant to change colour with mood. They were only $5 each.


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            Re: Gift ideas for school age girls

            Are they girly girls? I was such a tomboy when a kid and hated getting pink, glittery stuff i would never use... Just something to he mindful of.
            I think stationery is a good idea although you mentioned you did it last year.
            Depending on how much you want to spend, what about a ticket to a theme park or in this horrible hot weather, wet'n'wild?

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              My girls like those nice water bottles, anything from Typo, Make Your Own kits (lipgloss, purse etc), nice hair things, books, fairy lights for their rooms (Typo had some nice ones before Christmas), sunnies etc


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                I got my nieces who are that age earrings, they loved them