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  • Help with Family Law information

    My husband is trying to fill out some forms to go through the Australian family court to get his child support changed for his kids over in America and we are not sure what cross-vested jurisdiction is and if it applies to his case.

    Any help greatly appreciated Thank you.

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    I haven't practised in family law for nearly 20 years so would be loathe to say too much as laws have changed a lot.

    Does you DH have a solicitor? This is something I'd be checking with a lawyer. There are usually people at the family court who can help, or contact Legal Aid.

    In a nutshell, cross vesting jurisdiction is where one court (eg a state court in Qld) exercises the jurisdiction of another court (eg the Federal Court). There are specific reasons why courts need to do this. This is not an easy thing to discuss over a forum and I'd have no idea whether it would apply to your DH's case - again I would be seeing a solicitor about this.

    Good luck.