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    Great advice so far! I would definately bring a friend with you so you have a witness and some support.


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      oh my!! im so sorry you are in this position. what a sleaze bag. you live in darwin dont you? eek hope its not the one i see. thankfully i dont drive so hubby has to take me to the docs and usually sits in there with me. do you have a close friend or relly that can go with you to these apps. hope everything goes well with the confrontation.


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        Report him to the medical board- it's illegal for a GP to do this. You can bet you are not the first female he has done this to or hte last. Without this type of thing on record somewhere then it may as well not have happened and you need a records for anything to happen. Dr's should not make you feel uncomfortable!

        I had an expereince when I was 19 and I never acted on but I wish I had - a male GP who was doing a Pap smear - offered a breast check and told me I had nice breasts, offered my medication to clear the spots on my face as I had a pretty face, and then when I was all dressed and ready to leave he said he forgot to do the STI swabs and I had to get undressed all over again!!!!! I couldn't get out of there fast enough in the end!

        Ask not to see him when you need to go to that clinic. You could email your the clinic manager first - hteh Dr never needs to know it was you who made the complaint.


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          Alright, I hadn't made an appt to see him cos I've just got too much else to deal with emotionally, but it was a priority for next week.

          Today is my embryo transfer day, and I've been so positive and happy about this one, just had a feeling, you know? I got a text while in the waiting room, didn't know the number but assumed it was a friend cos it asked if I'd found my phone. Sent back yeah, finally. While the tf was being done i got a msg, assumed it was dp and got the warm and fuzzies. Checked msg when I got to the car, and it was same unknown with when are you free? Finally clicked who it was, and all my happy transfer vibes ****ed off, just like that.

          I spent 1 1/2 hrs pacing around Casuarina shops in a daze. doing absolutely sweet FA except stress about him, and having to talk to him straight away cos I can't keep worrying he'll try to contact me. Then I'd stress cos I was stressing, and get ****ed off that I was doing that to my bub and scared that it would affect implantation, then guilty cos I'd make myself breathe and calm but would start straight up again, and I hate to say it, I even worried my pacing would jiggle the embryo out. So it was a pretty good cycle I had myself in

          Theeen I got cranky. And I've been doing a good cranky lately, cos I'm on steroids for IVF. How DARE he do this to me and my bub? I just don't care about anything except bub sticking right now, so decided other people can worry about everything else. Sent him a text, saying no more contact, at all. Will think about what I want to do reporting wise next week, not feel like I have to do it now, and a bad citizen for not. Will more than likely contact the practice manager and possibly the health complaints commission. Not freaking on, dr!!! How dare you make a patient feel dirty and scared

          ETA going to stroll through a baby shop and soak up the happy baby vibes now.
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            what an a$§hat (there are so many other words i can think of right now) i am so so very sorry he has put you in this position please report him quick smart, the longer you leave it the more he will continue to get away with it (delaying might affect him getting in trouble)

            fingers crossed that your transfer is successful and you get a sticky bubba big hugs hun


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              I just sent u a pm but forgot to add make sure u keep all messages and phone records...


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                Originally posted by ck2b View Post
                I just sent u a pm but forgot to add make sure u keep all messages and phone records...
                Just got it! And thank you again, I very much appreciate you helping

                I'm a technology ignoramus, so have no idea how to do screen shots but will keep the msgs in case they're needed.