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Any mums with epilepsy?

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    Originally posted by LizzieTM View Post
    Hello ladies, thank you so much for sharing your experiences and yours and your bubs conditions.

    Your kind advise, comments or further update with your situation will be very much appreciated as I'm planning to start a family and I've been on keppra for 7yrs. My doc said there is no thorough research on keppra's effect on babies during and post pregnancy. Other than monnie24's bub had heart murmurs (which I hope is getting better), any other bubs had conditions that maybe related to the meds you are taking?

    I've only had seizures in my sleep (mostly when I miss my meds n lack of sleep).

    Also, im concern abt breast feeding while on meds... Please share your thoughts and experience?

    the pharmaceutical companies are not being very helpful at the moment with my enquires...

    looking forward to to hearing from you!
    Hello my son was perfectly healthy at birth and for two weeks (until he contracted a virus) similar to a cold virus. Are you on FB. There is a epilepsy Australia page. Lots of people can offer advice.

    When he was sick, they did give him my medications as they thought he may of been addicted like heroine babies as he was having seizures.

    Just make sure you take EXTRA folate I took 3 tabs a day. My neuro said more meds transfer to baby in utero than in breast milk (which does make sense)

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      Thanks monnie24. I'll look the fab page up! Cheers!