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    Hi There,

    Earlier this year i enrolled into Certificate III in Children Services. i completed all the units via online with a RTO provider. I was marked competent with all the units. And then had to do work experience. I had to unenroll unexpectedly due to my daughter health. Now i have enrolled again to finish it off with another RTO. But i was told that i cant get any Credit Transfer for the units as i never completed the practical component of the untis only the theory? I really dont want to go back to my old RTO as they gave me no support. Does this seem right sitting now in class for 16 weeks completeing something i have already done? cant i just be put straight into work experience

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    I think that because each unit is 50% off the job and 50% on the job you technically haven't completed any subjects.
    The subject outcomes will be the same regardless of the RTO but the assessments may be different, you may be better off going with your old RTO.


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      You should be able to apply for rpl - you'll be tested on each unit to prove knowledge.


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        Was it a nationally recognised course? If you have been marked competent that should equal complete for those modules. If you can't transfer credit straight across can you go through the process of applying for RPL and have credit granted that way?