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Dead iphone, baby photos gone, hearbroken mumma :(

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  • Dead iphone, baby photos gone, hearbroken mumma :(

    My son dipped my iphone into his milk, and it's dead... Tried it in a bag of rice then off to be repaired but, it has died.
    I have lost all my pics of my DS2 as a bubba and I am heartbroken. I have lost the video of the first time he crawled, his first smile and the first time he stood up.
    I have PND and memories of him as a little bub are sketchy, so I began taking photos constantly to trigger memories.
    I am so mad at my hubby as he said I was never to plug it into our computer as he would lose all his stuff, and had been asking him for months to create two profiles for the exact reason I'm in now, I'm devastated to lose all my photos.
    Anyway, there's always the ones I posted on FB

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    Do you have it hooked up to iCloud? Then you could retrieve it.

    You poor thing. It's horrible when you lose something do precious. My kids deleted all their videos off the computer.


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      Could you send it to apple and see if they can get the photos and video off it for you?


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        take it into apple they may be able to get some of your sim card or get the memory chip out of it