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Easy and quick Dinner ideas..

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  • Easy and quick Dinner ideas..

    I'm not a fan of cooking and hate the idea of standing in the kitchen cooking up something amazing that the kids will like.. So I'm after any easy, quick meals that I can whip up or tea time. My 3 yo won't eat any meat other then sausages, especially chicken she cannot stand it!! But of course I'm after anything you can give me that's quick and easy and tasty that kids will enjoy. I'm desperate. I'm so over have sausages and veg or pasta. HELP!!

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    I love making pizza (half greek yogurt, half plain flour for base - just knead together and voila!) - so many delicious toppings, like hommus base and pumpkin and sesame seeds; tomato base, zuchini, capsicum, feta; etc.

    Falafels are easy as and super healthy if you bake them or fry them with a tiny bit of olive oil. Put a tin of chick peas in food processor, carrot, zuchini, tsp cumin, egg, honesstly whatever you feel like, coat in flour and cook. Serve with greek yogurt.