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Thinking of moving to QLD Advice please!

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  • Thinking of moving to QLD Advice please!

    I haven't been on here in ages but know I can rely on bubhub when I need some help!

    Hubby and I are thinking of moving interstate to QLD from Vic. We have lived in vic all our lives, but are constantly dreaming of a sea change. We have toyed with the idea of moving to vic peninsula, but after a recent holiday to QLD we think that might be better for us - better chance of good weather, nice beaches (hubby is a bit of a surfer), fresh start etc etc, just all seems nice.

    We went for a day trip while away to coolangata - rainbow bay, point dangerm kirra etc. The surf looked amazing, shops were nice, weather was beauitful.

    Is there a catch?! Is there any downfalls of living in QLD (apart from us missing our family and friends?)

    My sis mentioned to me last night that she remembered years ago our parents wanted to move up there when we were little but didn't because the "education system wasn't as good as victorias" my sister said. no idea what she means, is there any truth to that?

    DD will be 4 when we moved (IF we move) so is it same as here - starting kinder at 4 and potentially school at 5 if she's ready?

    Any words of advice generally about moving interstate?

    Thanks ladies!

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    Nope there's no catches! It's a gorgeous place! beautiful beaches, gorgeous weather, summer weather until late April, it's great!


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      Subscribing as were thinking the same thing!


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        We are finally catching up education wise . It's the perfect up here but we don't anymore southerners thanks! Hehe kidding.
        I honestly couldn't imagine living anywhere else! Weather is great, beach is amazing, people are great!! Do it!!!!!


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          thanks for the replies please keep them coming!

          Is coolangatta a nice area to live? Is summer a killer with all the holidayers?

          Are there any nice suburbs near brisbane but towards the coast? Hubby might be able to get his job transferred to the QLD branch in Brisbane. So if so coolangatta might be too far away from his work.


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            I think there are a lot of downside to living in QLD. It's backwards in general. The education system is still far behind the southern states.
            Trading hours of shops/supermarkets is very limited in comparison. Fuel prices tend to be more. The hot weather is brutal, expensive public transport.
            Because SE QLD is still booming in popularity roads and infastructure are still suffering.
            I think there a million downside to be honest.
            A few upsides though; rental conditions are fairer then say NSW and... Hmmm.. I'm sure there are a few others.

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