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**Spinoff** how much do you pay your babysitter

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  • **Spinoff** how much do you pay your babysitter

    I apologise if this has been done umpteen times before but the recent threads about babysitters has got me wondering.

    How much do you pay your babysitter?
    Do you pay adults? Particularly if it is family?
    I have found that most older adults - 40 + don't wish to be paid as they know what it is like having a small child and how hard it is to get out of the house.

    I usually pay a teenager $50 for an evening - 6-midnight or so.

    For 2-3 hours usually $20.

    My MIL thinkg that is way too much, especially when they are only 14. I figure it is a Saturday night, they deserve penalties. It doesn't happen that often so I am happy to pay more.

    What do you pay?

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    I never pay babysitters because I have a very close knit family who live nearby and always want to take dd. But I have babysat before and a few of my workmates do and charge between 15 and 20 bucks an hour. But we are all qualified childcare workers who hold blue cards snd first aid etc. I'd pay less for a teenager I think


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      10-25 ph depending on qualifications and what's expected for them to do.

      I don't pay family. Ever