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  • Making invitations

    Ds is having a combined first birthday/christening and I want to make his invites. Is there a way you can do it on the computer and then print them somewhere like a big w photo lab?

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    We made ours on a computer then got them printed at a printing place. Nice paper, matching luxe envelopes, 120 invites all up was $60.

    Are you good at using a computer to create a invite?
    Do you need some help?
    My husband could make one (no charge) for you and email it to you to take to a printers.
    If you have ideas of how you want it to look, pm me and I'll email
    You my email address and see if we can help you.


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      For DD's birthday I used Vistaprint. They had a special on postcards (i designed them) and I got 100 for $15 including postage.

      It is www . vistaprint . com

      I put a pic of her and on the back I had the details of the party and then I just posted them as they came.

      I think i got them delivered in 10 business days...


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        We used snapfish to do some thankyou cards they have heaps of different templates that you put your own pics/text in