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Is this what some people REALLY think???

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  • Is this what some people REALLY think???

    A friend on my fb wrote this as her fb status...

    A neighbour of my daughters College classmate, got pregnant so she could get a new TV with the money with the money she got from the Government.. considering that it costs up to $244,000 these days to raise a child from 0 to the age 20 in Australia, that would set her back by about $239,000.. EXPENSIVE TV!!! not to mention, the childs hatred of their mother, when he/she finds out.. some people do some despicable things!!!
    To which I commented with....

    Well rumors don't mean much, if if the kid actually said it to your daughter first hand, it doesn't mean anything. She is obviously in need of parenting herself and should be given compassion. At any rate, you don't get the money from the... government all in one hit, so she would still have to 'save' or 'layby' or whatever to get the tv IF that's truly why she's pregnant. It could also be a ploy to take away from the REAL reason she's knocked up - who knows. But I don't think her children would hate her for being young and naive.
    Then she came back with....

    no, its not a rumour.. it happened.. she told her thats what she was doing.. given compassion? why are we living in a world where the perpetrator is adulated, rewarded, consolled, nurtured, counselled, stroked, believed.. while the victims ...of this life, are victimised.. are we living in an assylum? you cant counsel psychopaths, they are uncounselable, they often walk out of class.. they have the mentality of IM OKAY - YOURE NOT OKAY.. they dont see the world like normal people with sound minds do.. and young and naive is a whole lot different from being just plain old corrupt
    OMG!!! Ummmm please tell me I'm not the only one who is flabbergasted by this attitude ?

    So silly naive girls who are obviously not being guided properly and who make stupid decisions are psychopaths now?

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    I don't see how anyone would buy an expensive TV when payments are fortnightly. There's no $5k in one hit any more.

    Sadly, I have known people who have had babies for wrong reasons (want to get out of work, bored with life, drug addicts who did want the $5k and admitted this publically) but it's rare and I do agree - it's sad.


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      People think strange things. What can you do...

      Having a baby for 5k.... Lol good luck with that.


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        I would be mentioning a certain quote about Glass house's and stones. I am sure she has made some silly mistakes in her Life.

        Not that having a baby is a silly mistake.


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          But perpetrators and psychopaths? LOL The Deniss Fergusson's of the world? Meh? It's the young naive girls who are misguided enough to think they're going to be able to run out and buy plasmas with their baby bonuse you gotta look out for folks - lock up your kids!!!!


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            Hahaha I'd point out that she too needs an education as her spelling is atrocious, and stop worrying about everyone else as clearly she is of great concern herself. Then I would gleefully unfriend.
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              Damn I got ripped off. When I had my first dd they were only paying out 1800.

              Clearly something has happened to her and she is perceiving the situation through jaded lense. Poor thing. Maybe offer her a cup of concrete?


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                Technically you could buy a tv with the first payment which is about $900, but if someone really gets pregnant in order to buy something then they do need help of some kind.
                I have been known to joke that the baby bonus will pay for things I'd like, but there is no way that I would get pregnant in order to get something like a tv.
                If someone really wants to buy a tv they could save just $20 a week for the 40 weeks that they would be pregnant for in order to get one. Much easier than dealing with pregnancy symptoms and going through labour.

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                  I read that a few times and can't for the life of me see how she can connect young pregnant girls and the baby bonus to psychopaths. To me it's totally disconnected and says more about the wiring in her brain than anything else.


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                    I know, it was really really weird. At first I thought she was going to crap on about young girls getting knocked up for the payments but then she went off on this tangent about perpetrators and psychopaths and took a totally different turn. I'm so weirded out by this chick now.


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                      One of my dads exs from when he was a older teen wanted to get preg because she didn't want to work.

                      I do joke that we'll use the baby bonus to buy a laptop or whatever, but more than likely? It will get saved for our bond when we have to move, and baby furniture. Or used to pay off the credit card.

                      Calling a child who falls preg for the money a psychopath is just stupid, especially when there are true psychos out there.


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                        Originally posted by Deserama View Post
                        I know, it was really really weird. At first I thought she was going to crap on about young girls getting knocked up for the payments but then she went off on this tangent about perpetrators and psychopaths and took a totally different turn. I'm so weirded out by this chick now.
                        Yep, that reply of hers is off the charts. I would be scared of her too!


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                          Wow that's a pretty OTT reaction She seems really bitter


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                            There are some people out there who think that certain sectors of the community are 'baby-ed' like young mums, mums in general, criminals, etc (yeah, I know great grouping, but that's what some people think). They think that those types of people get lots of money/resources/etc thrown at them and the 'other people' get nothing. It's complete rubbish in my book, but I do know some people who think that way. Hearing a story that a young mum wanted to buy a TV with the baby bonus money is a stereotypical comment to 'support this theory'.

                            The reality is that those groups of people actually need more support not less and certainly don't need to be judged. I would 'unfriend' your 'friend' and move on. Her attitude is not at all helpful.


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                              I can't believe people actually rant and rave like that on their facebook. Blathering on like everyone else gives a hoot about their daughter's classmate's neighbour . None of the 150 or so people on mine ever do that! Just seems really weird to me! Doesn't she have a life? How embarrassing.
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