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Do you RSVP for a kids bday party???????

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  • Do you RSVP for a kids bday party???????

    My boys turn 7 today.

    They are having a party on Sunday. Well they are SUPPOSED to be having a party on Sunday.

    I've been PLANNING for a party on Sunday.

    I've BOUGHT stuff (party bags included) for a party on Sunday...

    They invited 16 children between them.

    I've heard back from 4.

    Just blo0dy rude if you ask me.......

    So... do you RSVP for a child's birthday party, even if you are not coming, or do you just assume that the host will assume that if they don't hear from you, you're not attending?.... Or do you expect the host to ring around and double check numbers?

    I'm quite disgusted by the poor response......

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    I always reply. It's common courtesy. Also always say thank you for the invite, regardless if they can make it or not.

    Hope your boys have a fantastic day anyway and Happy birthday to them.


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      I think it is rude also. I guess some may call you tomorrow.

      For any parent who brings a child unannounced I would make a point of saying you weren't sure they were coming.


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        It just annoys me immensely! I had to decide whether to buy party bag stuff for 5 children or party bag stuff for 20, food for 5 or food for 20....

        It's cost a fortune both financially and in time... and I just think it's so rude not to let someone know either way!

        Well... at least 4 are coming definitely.... and with my 5 that's 9 kids...

        I'm upset that other parents can be so slack though.... It's not like I gave 3 days notice, I handed out invitations over a week ago.


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          I always reply its so rude not too

          I had a few people not bother to let me know if their kids were attending dd1's party last year lucky it was at maccas and u only pay for who turns up still bloody annoying
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            Of course! I usually RSVP within a day or two of receiving invite, so I don't forget. It is just rude not to RSVP for any kind of party


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              Yep, I always call. We have hosted a few parties on not heard from some parents and they have still come to the party. I think it's really rude not to RSVP, esp if there's a mobile number on the invite, it's so easy to send a text.


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                Like any invitation, I always rsvp. There's so much planning for a party, its just good manners.


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                  Originally posted by Laksa View Post
                  Of course! I usually RSVP within a day or two of receiving invite, so I don't forget. It is just rude not to RSVP for any kind of party
                  I always reply as soon as possible as well


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                    i always rsvp, even if we verbally accept when we receive the invite i usually follow up with a text to confirm


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                      I will RSVP if I am coming (often a day late, in which case I'll ask if it is still okay to come, or too late?)

                      However if I cannot make it, then normally I would not think to respond.

                      When planning a party, I generally allow for up half the non-responders to turn up. So yes, I do see that it would be good to respond even when you cannot make it; I just hadn't really thought of it that way before.


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                        Yes i always RSVP. I think its rude not too and i swore i would never do a party again but this year i shall have one more attempt now we are at school and that will be the deal breaker of anymore.

                        Hope the boys have a great time regardless of how many show up.

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                          Always the way. I always RSVP. But when it comes to me holding the event. Kids party, Christmas, wedding etc. I get maybe a 3rd rsvp's. It's so annoying because then half of those who didn't RSVP turn up!

                          Happy birthday to ur ds and have a great party all the sane


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                            its one of my biggest pet hates but alas seems to be quite common. there is always a good few that dont rsvp or rsvp the day before the party or theres those that do say they are coming and then dont show up. i usually just cater for the amount i invited to be safe but it annoys the crap out of me. even a simple text message would be enough.


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                              I do an event on FB and if I send out invites I ask that they RSVP there.