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Love you Tash!

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  • Love you Tash!

    I've just found out an old friend died in a motorbike accident last night.

    She was only 19 for **** sake!

    She was an absolutly beautiful girl, inside and out. I just wanted everyone to know how wonderful she was. Natasha We'll all miss you, Rest In Peace.

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    oh how terrible

    I will be thinking of you and her family during this awful time
    It is so unfair how these things can happen to the best of people


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      So sorry for your loss
      my thoughts go out to all who knew her, so sad!
      big hugs to you


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        I'm so sorry to hear of your loss Alicia

        If you want to talk just PM me


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          I want to add a bit about her brother.

          He's a good friend of mine, of the best men you'll ever meet (I think VERY highly of that family). He's lost alot of people dear to him. and I mean ALOT.

          He's just had to bury his 2nd mum. and I'm talking a couple weeks ago. And now he has to bury his sister.

          In true style of our friendship, he ended up being the one consoling me

          Its still hard to believe she's gone.

          I'm sorry for posting such a sad thread, but I need to get this out.


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            So sorry to hear about your friend. My heart goes out to you and her family.


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              im sorry to hear about your loss


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                awww hun... So sad. Life is so precious blink and it can be gone. Sending lots of hugs


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                  So sad to hear of such a beautiful young life lost. Hugs to you and the family!


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                    i am so sorry to hear

                    im here if u need to talk


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                      So sorry to hear of your loss
                      So young, it`s not fair.. Thinking of you & her family


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                        to you.

                        My boyfriend died in a motorcycle accident a few months before his 21 st birthday. Tomorrow he would have been 25.


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                          that would've been so hard to deal with Chelle.

                          Thanks everyone, you're all so sweet.

                          It makes things worse when they keep showing it on the news . grr their family will see it everytime it comes on, once every half hour.