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Has anyone done the RSA or RCG course

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  • Has anyone done the RSA or RCG course

    im just wondering has anyone done the RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) course or the RCG (Responsible Serving of Gaming) course. DP n my bro are going to go do these courses this weekend n they are just wondering what u do u do when u go there ???

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    yep i have done both... you pretty much sit their while they tell you the information you need and then at the end of th day you do a test.... they gave us a book so we just searched threw it and got the answers really easy


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      i did it. they talk to you about stuff, the law and procedures etc. they might have a few anecdotes to elaborate on what they are telling you....then they give you a booklet where you answer questions, but you are also give another information booklet as they are teaching you about the RSA/RCG and all of the answers to the questions can be found in there. they do let you look in the book for answers too. its really quite easy to get both the RSA AND RCG. if you get stuck they will help you to find the answer. not one person failed in either class that i took (i have done both), they make sure you get it. its just boring. i see you are in southwest sydney? where abouts are you doing it? i did my RSA at Loftus tafe with a hospitality course and my RCG at canterbury hurlstone club. both were good


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        I recommend CBD College Sydney