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It was salmonella poisoning, The test came back!

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  • It was salmonella poisoning, The test came back!

    Hi all,
    Some of you may have read my threads about my lil bubba Ethan being sick with Diarrhea.... Well the Dr just rang me this morning & said the test results came back & he had salmonella poisoning!! I asked how he could have got it.
    She asked had he had any chicken or even a chicken in a salad..she said that was known to be at risk for salmonella. I told her the only thing it could have been was a week or so ago we had macca's & phoenix & Alyssa had a nugget happy meal...maybe phoenix gave a nugget to Ethan.... She then told me it would have to have been somthing that only ethan ate... Cause other wise all of us would have been sick. The thing that worries me, is the only thing that ethan eats that we dont is his heinz or golden circle baby food!! She also told me that it has known to be found in tap water... so that is why we are ment to boil it i guess. but my other 2 kids drink tap water with cordial..& they havnt been sick. Im stumped..i dont know if i should still give him his jar food.
    But the good news is he is doing much better now.

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    Oh Goodness! Salmonella! Thats horrible! At least they found it before it progressed any further... Thats good news...

    I can certainly understand your hesitation in serving up any more jar foods... Eh - what a situation!

    I wonder if perhaps calling Heinz or Golden Circle and advising them that your son was 'poisoned' from their brand of food you could find out if there was any others in that batch... Maybe there should be a recall?


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      ooh scary !!!!

      ((hugs)) glad he is feeling a little better...

      -- I thought samonella could be found in all deli meats ?? like salami and ham etc if they weren't handled properly?? - wasn't there a problem with some salami manufacturer and samonella awhile ago?? - I'm just trying to think of other places that he could have picked it up from ... maybe it was a different kind of meat??

      anyway - glad that the DR sorted out what was wrong... and I'm really glad that no one else in the family got sick...



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        hmmm yes veve i didnt know that about the salami.... but the only meat he has eaten anyway is the chicken nugget..... he doesnt eat solids very he is on jar food. but he has the occasional chipy or nugget his bro or sis share with him.


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          My son also had salmonella poisoning last year when he was two. It's a horrible thing for little ones to get. I kept taking him back to the doctor insisting that it was more than just 'gastro' like he was saying until he finally did more tests just to get me off his back! We mums know when something is not right! We never did find out how he got it, but it could have been from takeaway pizza. None of the rest of the family got sick, so it was hard to track it down. I know that I'm always careful with food safety in the kitchen, but I was paranoid for a while after that!


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            WOW it's really interesting that you brought this up I noticed in the supermarket the other day that some of the Golden Circle tins had been recalled - there was a note saying so where the tins should have been. Maybe it's worth sending an email to Golden Circle and Heinz asking if they have had any problems lately.
            I thought it was pretty scary that they had to recal baby food, and wondered why, maybe they have a case of food poisening?


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              Hey Heymamma,

              I am glad that you finally have an answer to your little dude's illness, I can't think of anything more frustrating than just not knowing what was wrong with a little one.

              I would also call the baby food manufacturers and question them before giving Ethan any more jarred food. Poor little dude - is he better now?


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                He is better now thankyou all for caring & being so lovely. He is still wingy but thats also cause he is teething..but the diarrhea has stopped... thankgod... im so glad he is better... & it his big sisters 6th bday tomorrow so there will be some fun!!


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                  Very lucky bubby you have, I hope he is feeling better. SCARY though


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                    I'm so glad to hear that your little man is doing better & that your Dr was able to find the cause of the illness but it is scary to think that he could have gotten sick as the result of eating baby food. Enjoy your DD's birthday


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                      Wow im glad you found out what it was...

                      As for the jar bub food....haha ill never give my bub the golden circle or heinz stuff simply cause i know what goes into it!!!! My mates mum works at golden circle and even he has told me not to feed it to bub!! For someone whos family works there to say that it must be bad...... im not discriminating against mums who give bubs the food its just such a prob that nobody realy knows hows is prepared etc... until you work there or hear it straight from the horses mouth!! Its not all of the food only some. Next time im talking to them ill ask whats going on..... then ill let you all know