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    I was just wondering if we could have a thread where if we just want to chat we can. I want to ask how everyone is as there doesn't seem to be any new posts lately and didn't want to put it in the general chat thread in the pregnancy section because it's not about pregnancy. Do you understand what I mean? (cause I sometimes don't). I know on another forum they have a thread called cafe chat and if you just want to add a post about how things are you can post it there. What does everyone else think? Or have I missed a thread where I can post my happenings?

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    Hi Karena ,

    how is harry? Grace has started walking all the time now , and she is starting to settle herself to sleep. I have seen her pull one of our sofa cusions to the floor to lie on if she is tired, so I got her a cot pillow so she could settle herself (she seems to like the comfort of the pillow) and once she is asleep I take it out. Mine you she has to be completly tuckered out before she will sleep, if there is any spark of energy left in her she really makes it difficult for us to get her to bed.

    What is harry like to settle?

    talk to you soon


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      Hi Karena and Gemma

      Grace must be a terror to chase after That is so cute about her and the cushions. Jakob was weird today with his morning nap. He woke me about 7am and by 8:30am he was tired. So I put him down and he slept for 2 hours! I only got this tired sign when I was changing his nappy. Otherwise he is running about everywhere with his toybox and never seems tired He went to sleep without a fuss and woke the same way. Usually he has a bit of a whinge before he settles. He sure surprises me sometimes. Glad to hear Grace is starting to settle for you Gemma.

      How is little Harry (love his name BTW, so cute!)


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        Lachlan can roll over!

        Hi everyone

        Just wanted to let you know that Lachlan rolled over yesterday (and now does it everytime you put him down) I don't think he can roll back from his belly to his back yet though (only "one way").......he seems to be settling a bit quicker too for sleeps as he can get himself comfy easier now he is a little mobile. He slept from 11.30 last night (initially from 5 pm) to 6.15am this morning...and was on his tummy in the cot when we went in there and looked sooo comfy

        I am very excited - it seems like the first step towards him crawling etc.

        Good to hear your bubs are going well.

        Bye for now!


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          well done Lachlan , you will be a happy boy when you can crawl!

          I can remember when grae first rolled onto her tummy, she couldn't get back to her back so she would cry. I seems so long ago now, amazing how time flies in that first year!


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            Good idea Karena!

            Hi girls,

            Eloise has started to rock back and forth on all fours now. She looks so funny - like she's gearing up to launch herself forwards! She has managed to go backwards quite successfully, wedging herself under the cot, the change table, the pram, the couch, behind the kitchen door, and inbetween the chair in her room and the wall. Then she cries because she can't go forwards yet!

            She had her 6 month injections yesterday and that, together with teething has made her a bit out of sorts today. There's the start of a whooping cough epidemic in Adelaide at the moment too - so they say on the news - which is a bit scary, as soon as I heard I made an appointment for her vaccination.

            That's all the news in our household at the moment... enjoy the rest of the day all!



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              Hi everyone,
              I just thought we needed a place to post any thing that has happened or just to catch up on stuff. Harry is doing really well, well I think so . He is rolling from his belly to his back all the time now but can only get 3/4 of the way onto his belly, his bottom arm stops him.
              Gemma, Harry pretty much settles himself and has done for a while now. I still wrap him and have tried unwrapping him but he just doesn't seem to settle so wrapping we go. For the past two days when I have put him down for all his sleeps he hasn't cried or whinged. I put his music on and he falls asleep. He always has been a very good sleeper and usually sleeps 10-11hrs at night. Last night we had thunder storms and he didn't stir I was lying awake waiting for an hour for him to wake.....but nothing.
              He is also eating really well, we can now choose from mince, chicken, pumpkin, potato, broccoli, carrot and sweet potato. He loves his food and I'm hoping it will help him with his weight. He is lean for his age yet long but everyone would still like him to be a bit fatter, but I love him just the way he is. Nick and I were talking last night about how his personality is really starting to come out. He laughs at just about anything and has favourite songs and stories that he likes. He is trying very hard to commando crawl at the moment and is very funny to watch as he uses all his might to push himself forward.
              We are plodding along nicely and just love catching up with everyone on the forum. Hope everyone is as happy with their life as I am with mine.
              Love, hugs and kisses to all the bubs.


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                Hi all

                Well done Lachlan, rolling over. He'll be mobile before you know it Melanie

                Eloise sounds like she has the crawling bug, just needs help on direction. I do hope she is starting to feel like her old self again after her needles Rach. I am not looking forward to Jakob's 12 months shot as there are 3. The doctor said she will split them for me.

                Karena, Jakob commando crawled for ages. Then his back legs got into it and his speeds around the house. He is a terror that boy. Also, re. weight. Jakob is quite light but he is tall. If Harry is contented and sleeps well I wouldn't worry too much. Especially as you say he loves his food.

                Jakob is doing well. Pusing his little toy box around picking stuff up as he goes. I tell you, if you can't find something check in his box and it is more than likely there He is waking earlier which I am not too happy about as I love a lie in. This early morning sun needs to bugger off. Bring on lots of rain to hide it and fill our dams at the same time.

                We have Jakob's naming ceremony this weekend with his party so shall post on how that goes and what we put in his time capsule. I'm so excited I can't wait. Well I can as there is a bit to organise.

                Well have rambled on a bit so talk to you all soon. Hope you are all keeping well


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                  Sarah -Get all three needles done at doc offered to stagger them but I just wanted them aver and done with. Grace was fine with the three, a bit of a cry but redirected easily.

                  Glad to hear all the bubs are doing well mobilising in their own ways.

                  My sister and I are off to the Coast tomorrow, DH is looking after grace and mum, so a weekend of freedom here I come. Hope everyone has a good w-end and I'll catch up next week.


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                    Hi all

                    Gemma the needles split was more for my benefit as I can't do it even though I know it's for his own good. I am a wuss. I hope you enjoyed your weekend off. Lucky duck!!!

                    Jakob's birthday went well. He was spoilt and we now have toys everywhere I had borrowed some larger toys from the toy library and it was a hit. Even if there were only 2 little kidlets. The party food went quickly, and presents we helped open by the person they were from. Much better than Chris or I doing it. Everyone got to share the magic.

                    The naming ceremony was beautiful and just what I wanted. Something to symbolise the life Chris and I had brought into the world and how we will all be responsible for bringing him up and sharing the world with him.

                    The cake was wonderful. Choc mud cake covered in bright blue vienna cream and covered with smarties. Jakob had none as he was quite tired by this time.

                    Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend
                    Take care xx


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                      I'm so glad the party was a success Sarah and that Jakob enjoyed it!! The cake sounds fantastic - something that I'd like to eat for sure.

                      We've got the inlaws here for the weekend and have so far drunk about a case of wine and eaten 10 kilos of cheese and 3,856 water crackers. We're going up to the Barossa after lunch to hit a few wineries - like we haven't consumed enough alcohol already!!

                      Eloise is having a blast - she's only met Poppy and Nana twice before so she's getting to know them a bit better. The look on her face when Nana sings all those goofy nursery rhymes and babytalks to her is priceless - it's like she's saying "you're a real nutbag aren't you?" She looks over at me for confirmation that it's OK to smile and then she looks at Nana and gives her a nervous little smile. We crack up!

                      Hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend!



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                        HI Sarah and Rach,

                        Sarah, glad to hear the weekend went well. I'm interested in the naming ceremony as we are planning one for Harry on his first birthday too. Did you come up with the ceremony or did you have a celebrant and they did it for you? Were you able to change things about the ceremony to suit your needs? I'm starting to research Harry's now so it's not so much of a rush around his birthday. You can pm me with the details if you like.

                        Rach, You are very lucky to have wineries so close.....then again I live about 30mins away from the Hunter Valley lol. Hope Eloise enjoys your in-laws and your mil's singing.

                        Glad to hear you are both having a great weekend. The best thing we have done is given the house a spring least I can get the car into the garage again. Talk to you all later.


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                          We had a celebrant Karena, a friend of the family. You don't actually need any qualifications to perform one apparently. It was nice and short, great for us as Jakob was everywhere

                          The celebrant explained it all and the history of naming ceremonies
                          We had a reading done by the celebrants husband (also a celebrant) which was All I really need to know....I learned in Kindergarten.
                          We then had the introduction of the Godparents
                          Affirmation by Godparents, they both placed their hands on Jakob and read out an oath.
                          Then we had the 7 flames ritual where a candle was lit for each hope for his life. Like the world was created in 7 days we are giving the world to him.
                          A 2nd reading performed by the celebrant following the 1st.
                          Everyone then read an oath together.
                          We had a reading by Jakob's Godmother "Children learn what they live"
                          We then signed the certificate provided.

                          If you want the readings let me know and I will pm them to you as they are a bit long. Glad to hear you are having a productive weekend. Rach I'm jealous, though shouldn't be as the Swan Valley is around the corner from me


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                            Time to chat

                            Hi all

                            Just wondering how everyone has so much time to chat? Do you all have really good bubs or are you just super organised?

                            Just had to say how great it was to get away for a girls night out / away on Friday night. 5 mums (all with 2 kids each) went to Brisbane (from the Sunshine Coast) and went to the "Fireman's Ball" and stayed at a swanky hotel for the night. It was my first night away from my youngest child and was so much fun. I even misssed the boys and my husband.

                            Bye now! Must go clean the house after my cyclonic boys.
                            Mum to Nicholas (21/11/00)
                            William (10/7/03)


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                              Hi Liz

                              Don't know about the other girls but I do all my posting whilst Jakob is asleep. He is still having 2 naps a day. I'm lucky he is still young. I think all of us only have one kidlet too. Glad to hear you had a great time. It's nice to be yourself for a bit and not somebodys wife or mummy.

                              Take care, talk to you soon