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Mummy, I love you....

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  • Mummy, I love you....

    I work fulltime but luckily my office is at home. 2 days per week, my MIL comes and looks after DS and 3 days per week he goes to childcare.

    This morning, I was in a rush. DH was out the door and MIL had a Drs appointment. I had a teleconference with my boss at 8:30am that I couldn't avoid and certainly couldn't do if DS was awake and with me.

    He normally has a good morning sleep so I made him a bottle and he sat on the couch and drank it. He then got his dummy and I picked him up - he put his head on my shoulder. I lay him in his cot and gave him a teddy and a new soft duck toy to cuddle.

    He looked at me....and even through his dummy, I heard....Mummy, I lubbb you !

    Suddenly, nothing else mattered. It's amazing how our beautiful babies can touch our hearts so deeply.

    And to my darling little baby boy "Honey....I love you too...more than you could ever imagine"

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    awww .. I have goosbumps just from reading that!!!!

    how beautiful...

    that overwhelming love...



    • #3 beautiful the first time they say it, don't you just wanna freeze that moment!

      My heart still melts every time they say it (we started off with lub {for love} too)!


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        I'm such a softy, just hearing things like that brings tears to my eyes.


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          Sniff, sniff - that is beautiful!!


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            Awww, what a sweetie!


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              AAAWw KAtrina thats soooo b eautiful!!!!


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                That is so cute!!!

                I can't wait for my DD to say that to me. I reckon the day she says it I will have tears in my eyes.


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                  See, now I'm in tears again just re-reading this and all of your lovely responses.

                  It is just so special.

                  Our little babies are so precious, innocent and beautiful. You know when they say or do something it's very genuine.

                  I want my boy to stay a baby forever but I'm so proud of him and his achievements every single day that I'm also looking forward to sharing his walk through life.

                  I could never have imagined that being a Mum would be so very rewarding. I know now the feeling my Mum must have when she hugs me tight and I catch her smelling my hair or when my Dad still gives me a hug whenever I see him. I'm sure I will be completely the same.
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                    So sweet , will be great the day EJ says that to me


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                      Sniff sniff

                      I responded to this yesterday but I don't see it anywhere ....

                      What a beautiful thread Rynosmum. They're such delightful, innocent little beings. I never thought in a million years the sound of "I love choo mummy" could reduce me to a blubbering mess. DS told me I was a lovely girl yesterday.

                      May the "I lub you's" continue for many years to come.



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                        thats just too cute! Dont you just LOVE being a mum!

                        We never stop being our parents babies! And I am sure that we will always see our babies and babies for ever! I always tell DH that I never want bubs to move out... she is 6wks old and already freaking out about when she gets older!


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                          This truly brought a tear to my eye, remembering when each of mine told me they loved me. and even now, though they are so much older and its not 'cool' to say I LOVE makes my heart sing and my soul soar when i hear it from them.

                          When my older kids wrap their arms around me and say i love you, it makes me feel like i've done a pretty good job.