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Importing sperm from Xytex

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  • Importing sperm from Xytex

    Hi All,

    I am new to BH and glad to be a part of such a great community!

    I am in a same sex relationship and am looking to conceive with my wife and need a sperm donor. We have found a donor specimen with Xytex that is perfect for us, however we are finding it difficult to find a clinic who is willing to place an order with Xytex with us/on our behalf. We have met with a few clinics in Brisbane who already import from Xytex but are firm only offering their already imported specimen and refuse to place an order for us.

    Finding a donor that feels like the right fit is an incredibly big decision and we don't want to have to choose a different donor or compromise on our requirements if we don't absolutely have to.

    This brings me to my question.... Has anyone else chosen an overseas donor that isn't already on their clinics donor list and been successful in finding a clinic that is willing to help facilitate importation?

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    Hi Kait!

    Welcome to BH

    We investigated this as an option in 2018/2019 and it was pretty much impossible. There is a lot of regulation here (far more than in the US) and I don’t think the IVF companies want the additional red tape (ie: open donor, number of families etc). It is such a tricky situation, I completely understand wanting a specific donor.

    We were considering travelling to the US (of course this was all pre-covid19) to make use of all the options there, or to Denmark. It is worth considering, especially if you wanted to do the IUI yourself, it might end up costing a similar price.

    All the best in your journey!


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      I had sperm imported from Xytex 2 years ago with IVF Australia. Have you checked with them? I know laws are different in different states so not sure if IVFA also offer Xytex in QLD.

      Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy my experience with IVFA [emoji20] but I ended up pregnant from the Xytex sperm with a different clinic (please feel free to PM me if you’d like to know more)