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    Hi everyone, im very new at this but I thought I would try my luck, im 24 years old from tasmania my husband and I had been trying to concive for 2 and a half years with no luck.
    My husband decided to go in for a sperm analysis which came back as having no sperm at all in sample so the test was repeated with the same results.
    We have spoken about IUI using a sperm donor as we both want childern so very much.
    My problem is the cost of fertility treatment, I dont have private health insurance and im currently not working to to an injury,
    I do however have a pensioner consession card. I was wanting to know if anyone knows of any fertility clinics in tasmania who bulk bill or are not that expensive.
    If anyone has any information or advice it would be greatly appreciated.
    I currently feel like our dreams of having children have come crashing down and it hurts so much I really need help