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Anyone used Elonva with Syneral?

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  • Anyone used Elonva with Syneral?

    Hi there,

    Has anyone been allowed to use elonva and syneral together.

    I seem to remember someone maybe Francisthecat using this protocol but I have used so many threads I got so confused.

    I will be starting my first ever frozen embryo transfer cycle when I get my period. Not sure what this will entail but hope to share my journey on the September / October thread if there is one as I will be doing a FET back to back with a stim cycle.


    IVF/ICSI stim #2 froze 1 embryo to be put back october

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    Hi T1gger,

    Yes I did that protocol in April this year. My FS said that they had 65 % success rate with it, in a study he was doing.

    While it did not work for me, you never know anything can happen with IVF. Try to stay positive and keep telling yourself I can do this.

    Good luck with your cycle