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  • IVF clinic in Perth

    Hi ladies,

    I am new to this forum and would appreciate advice on ivf clinics in Perth.
    We have just relocated from overseas and had 3 cycles outside of Australia. We are currently shopping around for clinics and have shortlisted 3 clinics;


    Just wondering if anyone had any experiences with any of the clinics looking specifically at FS and their experience, thoroughness and willingness to 'push the envelope' and work away from protocol and be cutting edge with success (of course)!
    Also looking at facilities, friendliness of nurses and staff, and accessability to doctors.

    Feeling overwhelmed by all these clinics and after 3 ivf attempts, I just don't want to feel like a statistic to a clinic anymore! Please help..

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    Re: IVF clinic in Perth

    I haven't been to any yet but I am probably going to need to at the start of next year. I have decided on Hollywood as they have been helpful every email and phone enquiry I have made. Good luck on your journey

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      I haven't with any of those clinic but I am at Concept and they are fantastic and my FS is awesome as well


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        I am leaning towards Hollywood too but FertWA is the least I know about although their first impression leaves some room for improvement! I am finding it hard to compare cost too as not all clinics list what is included in the ivf cost and there may be extras on top of the ball park figure.

        meesha87- Thanks for your input, all the best for next year!
        elkalemi- Thank you for your input too!


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          IVF clinic in Perth

          I've been going to Hollywood for 2 years now n have only good things to say. It's a real team effort there n they're all very personable. The nurses are so lovely n caring n Simon turner is great. Best of luck x


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            Re: IVF clinic in Perth

            I went to Pivet before moving on to Hollywood. I personally preferred Hollywood, but Pivet are probably more proactive in looking for cutting edge treatments. I've just booked in to see Dr Turner to try for number 2.
            PM me if you want to ask any more questions. Good luck x

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              It worried me when chosing a clinic that Hollywood and pivot never bothered in sending information. I guess it's finding the right fit and who you connect with.


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                And word of mouth is important too. I had friends use concept, so for us that was a good indicator.


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                  Yeah elkalemi, I just find the process weird as usually the units we have dealt with usually will have patient evenings or send you an info pack.

                  However Hollywood was good in this aspect as they made time for me to explain about costing, medicare etc so I can't fault them where customer service is concerned. Pivot was the same, front desk friendly and courteous and waiting room is nice and relaxing.

                  FertWA gave me a sense that they have enough business and don't really need mine! Haha..


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                    I would only recommend Fert WA! They are fantastic. Very thorough, good communication, in my opinion the most knowledgeable Drs (Professors with ongoing research interests) and willing to find out what is wrong rather than go cycle after cycle after cycle with no changes and the waste paper diagnosis "unexplained".

                    I do not mean to offend anyone with Concept but for me they were terrible. Three years of failing to conceive and all they told me was it is an odds game. Well it wasn't an odds game I wasn't producing progesterone which they failed to pick up so all the IVFs I had with them were a waste of time and $. FS was always late for everything even transfers (over an hour!) and could never remember who I was or what I had done, they prescribed me the wrong medicaiton dose which I had to correct. Communication is awful, you feel like a number and the waiting times are terrible. Not to mention the Dr who scanned me once and told the medical student he was teaching that my chances of getting pregnant were very small because women try to have careers rather than having babies earlier. Which wasn't even true in my case but thanks for the judgement. I still hold major resentment towards that clinic and I feel a duty to advise others to avoid.


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                      Summershine - I'm sorry to hear your experience at Concept was so bad. I've been with them since the start of the year and I couldn't say one bad thing about them. I'm not sure who your FS was but mine is always on time and available to speak to whenever I need. I've had nothing but support from them and all of the people there. Speaking from my experience and other people I know who have been there I would recommend them.


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                        Caketin maybe they have lifted their game since I was with them (I certainly hope so). I was with Concept from 2008 to mid 2011 and after hearing feedback from other women on Bubhub I was not the only one to experience problems with them during this time (particuarly with communication and medication dose). At one point my FS congratulated me on being pregnant to which I had to inform her that it must be another patient you are thinking of, it was very embarrassing for everyone. Plus the time she was over an hour late for the transfer due to a school drop off! and talked to her child on the phone about a book report during a consultation. Very very unprofessional.

                        I would however say the nursing staff were nice and yes of course a lot of it depends on your FS too. But there were so many other problems as mentioned above. I remember waiting and waiting to find out about embryo's, called back at 2pm as asked, to which they replied they were busy and would call me back. They never did and the embryologist left for the day. You can't do that to people waiting for important stressful news. At Fert WA they call you first thing in the morning with updates and when going for scans etc I never had to wait more than 15 minutes. My FS was always on time and never took personal calls during a consultation. They got to the root of my problem within a month! Turns out I'm not "unexplained" and it's not just "an odds game" as I was advised at Concept.
                        As I said I really hope that lots of women gave them feedback and they have altered the way they do things. If they have improved then I am glad because they certainly needed to! If people experiences are now good then it's a positive.


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                          Hi there i was in the exact same position as you earlier this year when trying to choose a fertility clinic - such a lot depends on choosing the correct clinic - both emotionally and financially!!

                          We ended up going with Hollywood and have found them great! We have had 3 failed IVF cycles (5 embryos all together transferred) and after the last one it was decided I have a laparoscopy/hysteroscopy to investigate if all is ok inside. I just had this done and found a huge amount of endometriosis which was removed so now we have a greater chance of IVF working. So Hollywood will not just keep going without looking into things first. Dr Barton and Prof Brett are wonderful!!

                          Hollywood have always called me to update and never have I been ignored or had to wait a long time at clinics for scans etc.

                          HTH feel free to PM me if u want


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                            Hi ladies thanks for the further input.

                            Sometimes it still astounds me what we have to put up with and endure to get a baby, but to have someone imply that you are childless because of life choices such as career etc is appalling and should not be tolerated.

                            Level of effort and interest that my FS puts into my case is important to me and it is very demoralising and stressful when you feel like they are just going through the motions and you are just another number to them. To me it is very important that at the end of the cycle you feel as though your FS has exhausted every avenue and tried his/her utmost best to get you a positive outcome and from past experience it was easier to accept negative outcomes when my experience with the unit has been positive.

                            People in the service can become quite jaded and sometimes forget the impact of their attitudes and words can have on patients. It is an emotional journey and to have all the hormones surging in your body that just compounds and amplify the magnitude of all these emotions.

                            Nevertheless it is hope that will carry us through this journey and as long as that remains, we are going to be ok!


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                              Hi Babyhope75 - I got your message and am more than happy to share doctors names but it won't let me email you back for some reason? It says you are not accepting messages? Let me know if you can fix this up so I can message you back!!