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Not exactly an IVF question, but a clinic one...

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  • Not exactly an IVF question, but a clinic one...

    Hi all,

    I am hopefully starting my first IUI cycle next cycle. I have an over the phone appointment with my FS to go over the results of this cycle and hopefully give the green light to go ahead next cycle, but I think my AF will show up the day before that appointment.

    So - should I call the clinic when AF shows up, if it's before the appointment, even though I haven't spoken to the FS yet? So I can have the CD2 bloods just in case?

    i'm not sure how this works!

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    I don't really know, but I'm thinking it wouldn't hurt to call the clinic and speak to a nurse if AF does show up before your appointment. At least that way if they do let you go for bloods, you might save yourself a month!

    good luck


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      Thanks! I might call and see if I can move the phone appointment earlier and if not, ask the nurses what to do!


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        Yep, even better idea! I've found that in general, the nurses are pretty helpful. It can't hurt to call and have a chat...