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ca-125 levels and endometriosis????

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  • ca-125 levels and endometriosis????

    Hi ladies!! Have any of you ever had a ca-125 blood test?
    My FS got me to do it last week to see if it will give an indicator of whether or not I may endo. Got my results back today and my level was 7. FS said that this means it would be very unlikely I would have 'significant' endometriosis.
    I have to call her tomorrow to ask more about it cause she only texted me this info as I was working.
    Do you think I could still have endo with this level? Does anyone know what a 'NORMAL' ca-125 level is meant to be, I can't seem to find it anywhere online!
    And How accurate could this blood test be at determining endo?
    I had the blood test done only about a week after my period and I heard it's best to get it done just before a period as that's when the levels are at their highest.
    Maybe I'm over analyzing things but I just find it odd that I am having symptoms of endo

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    Hey Dandelion, I'll find out on Thursday what mine were just to give you an idea


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      Hi Dandelion

      CA-125 is a blood test usually requested as a tumour marker for ovarian cancer! I am surprised that your FS requested this to check for Endometriosis.

      The CA125 test will also show if there is a cyst as it will make the levels elevated.

      A level of 7 is low - doctors become concerned if it is in the hundreds and then thousands.

      When I was diagnosed with endometriosis, this was only through surgery with the suspected endo lesions lasered off. I remember in recover the anaesthetist said to me its endo but won't be confirmed until it comes back from pathology.

      A lot of women think they have endo or get diagnosed and THE ONLY way you know is if it is sent to pathology after surgery.

      Believe me if you have severe endo you will know about it!! Burning sharp pains, you feel like a red hot poker from the fire is burning through your insides, back pain, constipation, heavy bleeding.

      Some women experience few symptoms but those that have it bad will know about it.

      Also I wouldn't stress too much about having endo and affecting your ability to fall UTD. YES there is a link to infertility but they are not sure how it affects unless the endo is all over the tubes, ovary etc blocking things from happening.

      Again try not to stress, I doubt very much you have endometriosis and if you do the only way you will know is by going in to have a look through key hole surgery. Sometimes they say if you do have endo and it's removed, it can improve your changes of falling preggers because you have been "cleaned" out!!

      Good luck with everything, but I am sure you will be fine x


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        Thank you for putting my mind at ease river girl!! I think I am probably just being paranoid about it because so many things have gone wrong I expect this to be another thing in our way, if that makes sense?
        I hope you are right and everything is fine! Take care

        Ngaiz, thank u lovely I would be very interested in seeing what your results were for this test just to compare.
        Did you have mild endo? X

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          I called my lovely FS today, she said theres no need for me to have the surgery at this stage...she said the blood test is an indicator of inflammation which is what endometriosis causes and they only start to worry when it gets over 25, she said I could have a mild form but nothing that would interfere with pregnancy at the moment. Even if I did have endo and she removed it, endometriosis grows back over time so there wouldn't be much point right now,and she wouldn't want to aggravate it..does that make sense??
          Also, all other tests that I have done (hyscosy, hysteroscopy, scans etc.) have showed that my tubes are in perfect working order so if i DID turn out to have endo it at least hasn't effected the tubes which I am very happy about as they play a major role in IUI which is our next step
          I trust my FS 100% so if she says there is no need for laparascopy at this stage I am very happy to role with that! One less invasive procedure I have to worry about it

          Take care lovely girls xxx


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            I'm glad Sonya put your mind at ease. I wasn't able to find out what my level was today sorry.