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  • Slow embryo development

    Could some one please give me some hope or if you have had a similar story I would love to here your experience I am freaking out this is my first IVF cycle I had EPU last wed 8 eggs then 2 days later I developed mild OHSS I am now on blood thinner injections for 2 weeks my cycle has been cancelled the thing that is really bothering me is 5 eggs are still going but its day 5 and only 1 has reached the last stage of Blastocyst BUT the scientist has informed me it has not hatched yet has this happened to anyone else And They said they could not see the cells inside yet and the other eggs are slowing down 2 other eggs have reached early Blastocyst but its day 6 tomorrow I am concerned any feed back would be great hopefully good feed back
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    I think your incredibly lucky to get atleast one to blasto. Just found out on day 2 that one has 2 cells and the other they can't even tell. So yeah pretty much failed cycle for me this month


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      nicole83 thanks for your reply the blast I was talking about stopped and had no inner cells sadly so I lost that 1 but luckily 1 other reached blast stage late on day 6 and looks great so that's frozen for a FET next month.. Out of 8 eggs I am happy with 1 blast like you said above not to many people get that so I do feel blessed lets just hope it sticks and all the best for you with your next cycle let me know how you go