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Does anyone have Hcg 1500 units as luteal support after transfer and have got BFP?

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  • Does anyone have Hcg 1500 units as luteal support after transfer and have got BFP?

    Please share with me..

    I am due for 1500 units HCG injection tonight for Luteal support, I start to feel weird about this.. my current progesterone level is 197, and my last cycle progesterone level is about 20 at the similar day of the cyle.. in both case, the clinic has asked me to do an HCG injection.

    Just want to ask if anyone has had HCG 1500 units instead of pressaries..and get BFP, I am asking because it hit me that the artificial high HCG level may mess around with the embryo implatation environment.:-(


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    Hi K2chat,

    I did a stim cycle in May and did 2 injections of pregnyl (1500iui Hcg) post ovulation - 1 day before transfer (day 5 embryo) plus 1 2-3 days post transfer. I was also on crinone once a day. It was doing this protocol that i got my first BFP. Unfortunately this ended in a miscarriage due to trisomy 4 but I was confident that this was what got me my first BFP in a long time. With my last FET I did the same protocol and got my current BFP. So I am a believer in it's benefits. At my day 14 BT my progesterone was 500 and my Hcg was 65. IMHO if anything I think the extra HCG helps with implantation - don't ask me why but that is my experience. Good luck


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      Hi daffy72 - I had all 3 injections that were taken on day 2, 5 and 8 post transfer along with crinone twice a day. This is first time I've had this much progesterone support - I usually have a combination of 1 or 2 injections & the crinone, or just the crinone alone & another time I've just had the injections. This time I used all of it and I got my BFP.
      I have m/c before due to low progesterone. This pregnancy I'm being monitored with blood tests every couple of days b/c my hcg was only 53 to begin with. It's now at 4495 but I had to increase my crinone support for a little while when prog started to drop but it's still high enough to support the pregnancy, I've just started to decrease the pessaries as the prog is now over 300.
      Progesterone is what sustains a pregnancy. I wouldn't worry about having the injections, if anything I've heard they are more effective.


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        Thank you for you ladies lovely sharing, I have just did my injection and now I have a grin when I saw your messages.

        The question now is both of you had crinone too, but I don't,, maybe I will ask FN tomorrow?

        I Know I sound a bit neurotic..


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          K2Chat - from what I understand it depends on what your blood work is doing especially your estrogen levels.


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            So this is why Im taking pregnyl on day 3, day 6 and day 9. I havent done a cycle before this is my first IUI cycle, so I dont have any history of progesterone problems. I think my clinic is just being safe and trying to help implantation and support for pregnancy should it occur.

            thank you ladies.