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Has anyone done IVF through Concept Fertility?

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  • Has anyone done IVF through Concept Fertility?

    Hi everyone

    I am wondering if anyone can share with me your experiences with IVF at Concept fertility?

    I am doing my first round of IVF with Concept now (egg collection is roughly a week away) and so far the drugs have been fine but im nervous about egg collection and also the final result.

    I have read that ultrasound guidance is better with embryo transfer also and Concept do not use this so hopefully it works!

    My story is this: I had 6 months where i wasnt ovulating, my first tracking with Concept (no drugs but i did get the HCG trigger) i got a chemical pregnancy but lost it 2 weeks later. After this i had a few months of Clomid and a few of Puregon all with no success.
    My doctor decided we should go ahead with IVF for health reasons and so here i am trying my first cycle.
    Of course im hoping to get pregnant first time but am also realistic as to the fact that sometimes it takes a few goes to work. Lost of $$$ later and not to mention the emotional toll...

    Any experiences with IVF and your journey would be much appreciated, i find it definately helps to talk to people who are going through the same journey.

    Thanks x

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    bourbon- hiya. I havent personally gone to Concept but my girlfriend did ( I am at Fert speciallists Bethesda) she started with the tracking then IUI. She got pregnant from her first IVF cycle and she is now 17 weeks!
    There is another thread- NOV/DEC IVFer's if you would like to come and join us there:
    it is a busy little thread but there's a great bunch of girls to chat with!


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      "Calling all Perth girls" .......IVF thread has lots of ladies that go to Concept in Perth.....We are a friendly lot pop on over!......Have those questions answered!


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        Hi bourbon,

        Come and join us on the calling all perth girls thread. Heaps of girls go to concept and many have fallen pregnant on their first attempt.

        The nurses will guide you step by step through the process and you will have one or two scans pretty soon to see how your follicles are growing and they will then decide when you are ready to trigger and plan your EPU.

        I have found each EPU to be a different experience. Some have been a bit sore, others have been fine and felt very little.

        I would definately recommend a hot pack for afterwards (but stop using it after transfer as embies dont like too much heat) and panadol or panadiene.

        All the best with your cycle.


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          hi bourbon...
          I just finished my first round of ivf through concept. I did have a bfp first try....lots of other ladies on here who have had bfp on first go, some take longer. so it can happen!
          I think (maybe wrong) on average it takes something like 2.3 attempts.
          Good luck!


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            I have just had my 5th transfer today through concept
            so far our experiences with them have been great but results obviously vary with different people, for example, im only 21 and have no known problems and it still isnt working out for us but i also hear of 35+ falling preggers first go!
            good luck and hope it works first go for you