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Progesterone supplements and AF showing early

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  • Progesterone supplements and AF showing early

    I just wanted to hear other people's experience about progesterone supplements. I've read and been told that the crinone and pessaries are supposed to keep AF away and when I got AF early when on my last lot of supplements the clinic told me I shouldn't have. I was just wondering how many other people starting spotting or got AF early when on supplements and if their FS tested them to make sure that the supplements were being properly absorbed?

    I'm just a bit confused as I don't have low progesterone in a natural cycle but when I do a medicated cycle AF shows up early, even though I'm still taking progesterone to keep her away

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    Hi, when I did my first IUI cycle, I wasn't on Progesterone, but when i started to bleed (after a low hcg reading), the nurse put me on them, but I continued to spot (it was an ectopic pregnancy).

    When I did my first IVF cycle, I was on crinone during and after my ET. When I went into the clinic for my Pregnancy BT at 16dpo, the nurse asked if I got AF and when I said No that i was on the crinone, she said that it doesn't matter and that a lot of women still bleed/get AF while on Crinone.


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      Hi Nikki,

      I hear lots of stories about progesterone support too. I have been to 2 different clinics & each clinic has told me that the delightful Crinone & the delicious pessaries may keep AF away, but that its not likely. The only time that I did not get AF when on progesterone were the 3 times that I had a BFP. For my first 2 BFPs I had actually run out of Crinone before my positive BT, then my progesterone levels dropped & my BFPs turned into BFNs . I get about it all too... Sorry I'm no help.

      C xx


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        Thanks for the feedback, maybe that's why the clinic didn't worry about testing my levels. I just find it odd I normally get AF 16DPO and with my medicated cycles it turns up 13DPO, which seems odd, that tells me my progesterone is higher in a natural cycle than a medicated one... it's all very confusing


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          It is all very confusing! I remember my nurse saying that an ART cycle isn't 'natural' therefore our bodies are much more unpridictable. It actually made me feel bad hearing her say that, like I was playing God with my body.


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            Nikki, I get AF 16DPO usually... And i don't think my progesterone levels would be low naturally... i have neer been tested but have never had issues and have carried a pregnancy well to full term and surely this is a good sign for something I started spotting with crinone 12dpo, and started bleeding this morning at 14dpo which is irregular for me also. Are there tests i should be having done to see if i need it?? I am just a big mess of confusion right now and i am questioning everything.

            This crinone is seriously gross business!! I haven't bled a lot today after my initial bleed this morn although i am confident that this will end in BFN... I am so ready to stop crinone... do i continue???


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              Posey - you sound like your having my dilemma too. I was tested, just as part of my routine workup before starting treatments, to make sure my progesterone was high enough to sustain a pregnancy. My levels all came back normal on a natural cycle and I think I had about three tests done in three different cycles just to be sure. But then when I did my first cycle using pessaries and crinone I started bleeding around 13DPO and getting AF cramps. When I told the clinic they told me it was too early for AF to show and that the crinone was supposed to keep it away, but from stories I'm hearing it might not keep it away after all? It's all very confusing, I thought if the progesterone keeps the lining in place until it drops surely the pessaries shoudl do the same thing right?

              My clinic said stay on the crinone until you have you BT, because I started spotting and cramping early I asked them to push the BT forward and they did. As soon as I had my result I stopped using the pessaries. Spotting in early pregnancy is supposed to be quite common though, so don't lose hope yet!
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                Nikki - Both times I've had fresh cycles with crinone support, I always got AF bang on time. First time I had a BFN but 2nd time I got a low reading HCG level which went up before coming down. I have read somewhere that it is not really known if progesterone support actually makes any difference but that it doesn't hurt & as it might be helpful, that is why the FC's use it


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                  I just read up about it, seems two reasons why progesterone is low after a full stim cycle: firstly the follicles are often damaged by the needle used to remove the egg thus they can't become a fully functioning corpus luteum and secondly because in order to start producing progesterone we need a natural LH surge, which doesn't happen either. So often progesterone is low after IVF which is why we need the supplements. So now I know why we take the supplements, I'd love to know why AF arrives at 13DPO instead of 16DPO as normal... more questions for the FS.