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How early did you get BFP after FET?

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  • How early did you get BFP after FET?

    Good morning girls,

    I am now 12dpt after my FET. We had one 2 cell embie and one 4 cell embie transferred on the 31/10. I tested this morning with a pregnosis clear and got a BFN .

    Give it to me straight girls.... do I have any chance of getting a BFP any later than 12dpt? I am on Crinone x3 a day so I figured that was what was probably delaying my AF. Anybody ever tested any later than that and got their BFP. My BETA is not until Saturday morning and I don't know whether just to call my clinic and tell them I got a BFN so I can stop using the Crinone (its very expense as you all probably know), or just keep going until my BETA. Any opinions? Thanks!

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    Megs - I think you need to calculate it from EPU or in your case add how many days old your embryos were to the transfer days. This is then considered your DPO.

    I have seen girls on this thread get BFN's at 13 DPO and still get positive bloodworks. One girl recently got their Positive bloodtest result at 14DPO but their levels were too low to have been a positive on a POAS.

    Do you feel any symptoms?

    I doubt that your clinic will let you stop the crinone. Mine dont let you stop even if you get AF! It is unusual that you are paying for the crinone on a daily basis? I just got a big box of it as part of my 'drug pack'. It had enough to last until BT plus a few days extra. Anything i didnt use i was told to throw out.....

    Goodluck, and i wish you all the best.


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      Hi Strangefruit,

      Thanks so much for your reply (I have been lurking here hoping someone would). I actually did an artificial hormone cycle for this FET (we had our EPU in September), but my clinic was unable to do a fresh transfer because we collected 25 eggs and there was to much of a risk of overstim if I got pregnant. I believe our embies were 2 day old embies. Thanks for the info about the testing... I guess I just need to hand in there and wait for the blood. I just so wanted to see those 2 little lines today and figured I would see something after 12 days. I don't think I am paying for the Crinone on a daily basis but we did have to get 3 boxes after our FET cause I am on 3 a day. We have only been invoiced for the one box so far ($180 big ones!) so hopefully the other 2 boxes were included somehow and we don't have to pay for them too (I don't have private health insurance). I feel no symptoms at all expect for really bad AF type craming. Thanks again for replying to me and I wish you all the best too!


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        I had 2 x 2 day embies transferred and on day +8 I did my first HPT and this was the first time I seen those 2 very faint lines, I did about 2 a day thereafter and each was darker then the last and on day +11 my BFP was confirmed with a blood test.

        I was worried that my BFP was false and the trigger injection could still be in my system, but I read that pending on the amount you had each 1000 is 1 day in the system so if your injection was 10000 then it would be about 10 days.

        I have a friend that tested 14 days after and her HPT was a BFN and when she went and had her BT it came back as a BFP she also did another test later and still the HPT was negative so I would say yes you still do have a chance and I wish you all the very best and keep positive


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          It's not over yet.
          Lots of women get negative HPT's and positive bloods. You wont know til BT and your clinic will continue you on Crinone until then anyway.

          I got my BFP at 9dpo or 7dpt but I think thats really early.....I still had to wait til my BT at 16dpo for confirmation.

          All the best. to you.



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            Hi Megs

            I have a friend who has just announced she is pg. She told me she did a HPT when AF was 1 week overdue and it was BFN. It took another 2 weeks (so AF 3 weeks late) before the HPT was positive!

            Don't give up hon 'cause it just might be too early for your body.



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              Strangefruit, macca27975, Kema and wannabemamma,

              Thank-you all so very much for your replies. I did ring my clinic just for a chat and they did tell me to come in on Friday for my BETA. I am trying to stay positive, but I keep having these terrible AF cramps. I will just have to wait and see. Thanks again!