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Can Progesterone Pessaries Give A False Positive Hpt?

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  • Can Progesterone Pessaries Give A False Positive Hpt?

    Ladies....HELP ME!!!

    I had my FET on Friday 1st February and am due to go in for a BT this Friday (15th) but I was naughty and took a HPT this evening and it came up positive. The only luteal phase support that I am on is Progesterone Pessaries.. I wouldn't have thought they would make a difference to a HPT but I'm not sure....any thoughts?

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    from my understanding, and I am not 100% sure and some other ladies may be able to clarify but I dont think progesterone pessaires can give a false BFP!!!

    I think only hcg shots like pregynal and profasi can give a false reading.

    good luck and I hope it is a true

    I would go and have your bt tomorrow.


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      Queensmum - What pessaries are you on? Crinone doesnt give you a false positive but if you have had a HCG shot - this can. Have you had any injections after ET?


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        Peppa / ****ra - Thanks for your replies!! I don't want to get my hopes up too soon..but I'm freaking out!!

        ****ra - No, I haven't had any shots since the FET, just the Progesterone (2 a day).

        My FS won't take me to have a BT until Friday but I may sneak down to my local GP and get one done.. Do you know how quickly GPs get your results back?


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          Queensmum - Well my dear its sounding like you have gotten yourself a real BFP!

          If you go to the gp usually it takes 24 hours to get the results but maybe if you go first thing, and ask them to put a rush on it maybe you might be able to get them back sooner?? Good luck and lets us know how you go....


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            NOPE!! No false positives for you girly! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so thrilled for you and your family!


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              wow wow wow Queens Mum, i feel so excited!!!!! i hope im in your shoes in a few weeks!!!!


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                Thank you so much for your replies!! It's so lovely to read all this lovely and supportive messages.

                I hope you all get your wish and get a BFP soon. You are all such beautiful, giving ladies and deserve the best.

                It just goes to show that you never can tell when the BFP will arrive. Our first cycle was unsuccessful (9fertilised eggs) and we had our twin girls on the first go on the second cycle and now a BFP from the first Frozen embryos on that cycle.

                Never give up hope... You just never can tell when a BFP is just around the corner.

                Sheridan xoxo