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  • Looking for Our Egg Donor Angel

    We are a Middle Eastern married couple living in Melbourne. After years of trying and 18 months of unsuccessful IVF, we are looking for an egg donor. Our IVF doctor has advised that my best possible chance of becoming a Mum is to use an egg donor. My husband is in perfect health. Ideally we are looking for someone who is located in Victoria (although we are open to other locations).

    As a couple we have been together and married for 4 years. We are financially stable and can provide a loving, caring and secure home. We would be so grateful to anyone who can assist in helping us achieve our dream of creating a family. If we are lucky enough to have children they would be very much wanted and loved, and would have an extended family to be welcomed into.

    Since High School I have spent many years caring for other people's children (looking after my nieces and nephews). I have 3 nieces and 2 nephews who I adore with my whole heart, however I never truly imagined not having a child of my own I have joined this forum in the hopes of connecting with others on a similar journey and hopefully meet an egg donor who can help my dream of becoming a mother come true. if you're reading this and think you can help us have our dream of having a child come true please contact us via email at should you be my egg donor, you will be giving me and my husband the gift of life and we would forever appreciate your help and we will raise our child in the most caring, loving home.

    Documented actual expenditure incurred on medical expenses and associated travel costs will be reimbursed.

    the text of this advertisement has been approved by the Victorian Minister for Health as required by s.40 of Human Tissue Act 1982 (vic)(January 2020).

    If you decide to be our Egg Donor Angel and live in another state we will happily travel to that state so you don't have to do any travelling. We are also not fussed about the age of our donor and will happily accept your gift and will forever be grateful.

    Thank you for reading my add, I hope to hear from you soon. My email address once again:

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    Good luck [emoji1696]


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      Good luck, I hope you find your egg donor angel. We did so it is possible in Australia [emoji177]