This section is available ONLY to people residing in Australia or New Zealand to both advertise as a potential recipient or to make contact as a potential donor.

It is illegal throughout Australia and New Zealand to offer payment for egg donation, or to accept payment as a donor.

Recipients are eternally grateful to those who offer to donate, but it is a big undertaking and shouldn’t be considered lightly. Before offering to donate, we strongly suggest that you seek further guidance and ensure that you are fully aware of all aspects of egg donation BEFORE you offer and get somebody’s hopes up!

Potential donors, please respond to advertisements using the Private Message system of the forum. Please do not place an advertisement here if you wish to be a donor. This can lead to disappointment if several couples answer your ad - instead, please respond to potential recipient advertisements on an individual basis.

Please only respond to one ad at a time, as it is not possible to support two recipients at the same time, and there is a waiting period between egg pickups.

Good luck to all!