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  • Questions for anyone who has been over recently.
    Aiming to fly to Greece Feb or March next year...
    Did you use Chris the travel agent people have mentioned on here? Is he still booking tickets for people?
    I'm too scared to try and book tickets myself, and don't want them stress of dealing with things if it all goes to s h i t if I'm over there.

    I have emailed embryoland. But does anyone know if I need to prepay anything, and how far in advance... Genesis didn't require any prepayment, but that was probably because I went thought the clinic in Melbourne. Not sure...
    I'm still worried about getting locked into Melbourne again...
    Either way, I will try and get an exemption if I can... But... I don't trust covid or Dan with lockdown.

    Anyone been to Greece in Feb or March?? How bloody cold will it actually be... Google says top of 13 and 16... I think that's down jacket weather...
    I'm probably Over Analysing things!

    Hope everyone is doing well.


    • Hey 1greenfrog glad to hear you're getting prepared to go to Athens soon... how exciting! I've never been to Greece myself so I can't comment with experience regarding the weather, although being someplace chilly sounds absolutely delightful to me (it's bloody roasting in the NT atm), but I do have a bit of intel on the prepayment question. When I spoke with Dr N in October he indicated that I'd need to prepay prior to going in January- about $3k I believe. This is to get the ball rolling with the donor. I think it needs to be done about 6 weeks or so before you go, but check in with him on that to he sure. I originally was aiming to go to in Jan but things are tricky workwise, so we'll probably push things back to Spring. I think you'll have a wonderful time in Greece Feb or March. I read that Feb is the coldest month of the year there, so yep bring cold weather clothes for sure! Keep us posted! 😉


      • Hello lovely ladies, hope everyone is travelling along a-ok. Can’t believe the end of the year is right here, gees…

        How are you feeling @Mrsl73 ??


        • Hello all, I’m new to this forum but hopefully travelling to Embryoland in February. We had our Skype meeting with Dr N and he was so enthusiastic! Feeling a bit hopeful after 5 IVF rounds and 3 losses. 🤞🏻


          • Hi everyone.

            1greenfrog I have been in March and it was very cold. Definitely pack your winter woolies.

            update on me, I’m now 8w5d with twins.
            I have had a lot of bleeding the last two weeks so I’m seeing my ob weekly for check ups. I’m very anxious and hoping all will be ok.

            I do have a question for a friend of mine, for those who have been to Cyprus, which clinics cater to those over 50 yrs of age. And any recommendations are greatly appreciated.



            • Mrsl73 congratulations on twins, bleeding can be quite common early on with twins, I bled on and off and I think my last bleed was around 16 wks with a sch.
              i would reccomend crown clinic in cyprus, after 46 the clinic has to apply to treat you, when I went to dogus I had to have a letter from a gp and have my heart checked out, dogus organise that there for you, but a lot of clinics don’t so she may need to have that done here have have the results sent over to the clinic which shouldn’t be too much of a problem.


              • Mrsl73, thanks I will go to Kathmandu and Macpac before I go and stock up on anything with down in it!

                Hope the bleeding stops very soon!!
                Twins!! I do love that past.
                Sending hugs!


                • Wow Mrsl73 that is just amazing news about your pregnancy, and I too am sending you big hugs!!!
                  Can I ask if you do not mind please, but your twins were your DE embryos you had stored, or they were DE frozen and you did fresh DH sample once you got to Greece??

                  Welcome and hello holly78 - there is a lot of information here in the Greece thread and it was a big help to me when I was researching and starting out back in Nov 2019…


                  • Riverview with this one we had frozen DE and DH had to give a fresh sample


                    • Question...
                      my period normally comes every 26 days.
                      Randomly, I got it 10 days early.
                      Last time that happened was in June this year. I think (hope) both times it was stress related. I have been freaking out a bit about traveling overseas with the latest strain. Probably for no reason.
                      Anyway, im hoping it's not because I'm perimenopausal. FS told me my blood test looked fine.

                      Is there anything else apart from going on the pill I can do to try and help regulate my period.

                      I want to try and only go over for two weeks and come back quickly. Just suddenly getting weird and not sure how to work out dates. I have emailed Dr N. But... I'm just having a small freak out in my head. Im sure there's an obvious answer, just can't think of one.


                      • 1greenfrog Hello there - for the past three December’s I’ve had a 17/18/19 day cycle and it was 100% stress related I have no doubt - working longer hours, more work pressure, more time on my feet plus Xmas on top of that so it could be the stress of the season for sure. My periods are now in fact getting longer and longer across the last 12-months and my bloods in May indicated I was veering on to the peri-men path, which explained completely several things - from blowing off my head when I am a very quiet calming person and having to catch myself a few times at showing frustration at work etc And I’m only 43, v fit and healthy, but I did just eat a few choc-orange chockkies before bed…!

                        So yep, get ready for that bandwagon!!

                        Remember though, and I am sure the more experienced ladies in here can back me up, but Drs will control the cycle with the pill… they will not allow your cycle to random chance it - which is why women who are pre or menopausal can still carry a baby as it is about the lining and not your eggs.


                        • Thanks Riverview, that's what I thought. But just having a freak out anyway. Just to add to the drama of Christmas!


                          • 1greenfrog I am usually reasonably regular between 26-28 days and then had two crazy cycles where I had a 22 day cycle in August followed by a 49 day cycle in September and a 30 day cycle in September. Then I was back to a 27 day cycle. I was convinced I was going into peri-menopause until a friend mentioned research re impact of COVID vaccinations causing whacky cycles which coincided with my timing. I'm a bit nervous because I'm due to get my booster next week and worried about the impact because we are planning to cycle in February and Dr N doesn't want me to use birth control so I'm worried about the timing etc. I also wondered what people think about not down regulating before a cycle? Dr N doesn't think it's necessary but again I worry about whether that will potentially impact the syncing of timing with our donor if I ovulate earlier than expected and the implantation window doesn't align with the transfer. Sorry for the long post! I probably worry too much!


                            • holly78, I did like the idea of doing it without going on the pill to tell you the truth. If I had time to be over in Greece longer, maybe it would be ok. But, I just don't want to risk going over and stuffing up the timing. Plus, I'm going to stress anyway with everything else, I'm thinking of it as, one less thing to stress about. 🙃

                              My other short cycle was after my shots, but it was also after my mum had surgery to remove her cancer, so for me it was probably stress related. It went straight back to 26ish day cycles. I hope this does too. But, looks like I will need to go on the pill.

                              I can get my booster now. I was going to wait and get it done just before I went over. I didn't think about getting it now, for a Feb trip. Maybe I should do it sooner rather than later. Then it shouldn't effect anything while over there.

                              I think lots of people worry to much. Including me!!! Over active mind. Or maybe just an overactive imagination.


                              • 1greenfrog I totally know what you mean about just having one less thing to stress about! It seems there is no end to it. I’m anxiously watching the cases and hoping the borders will stay open for us to get there in February. I had my booster yesterday and all good except a bit of a sore arm. Glad we can have them before travelling.