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How much progynova were you prescribed

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  • How much progynova were you prescribed

    Previous medicated cycles I've always been prescribed 3 tablets of 2mg Progynova daily (1 tab, 3 times a day)

    This next FET I have planned, I've been asked to take 2x tablets, 3 times a day of 2mg Progynova.

    Because the last 2 transfers my lining has been low they think this should help.

    Does this seem excessive to you? I've been reading that this much progynova could be bad long term considering if it was successful pregnancy I will need to continue until 12 weeks of pregnancy.


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    Im on 6 progynova a day and am currently pregnant from our latest IVF cycle. I am also using 2x Estradot patches every two days. I’m pretty sure I would be on the max dose or close to it. This is the first time I have been on such a high dose and also the first time we have had success. Mind you, we changed up about 6 things this cycle so I can’t say if this is what has made the difference.


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      My first cycle with a Greek clinic I ended up by being on 6 a day at the end, then with zlin I was on 4 per day, I don’t think 6 is excessive at all if you have lining issues, as pp has said, I’ve seen a lot of ladies on a whole lot more in an attempt to get a bigger lining.


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        Thank u both so much x


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          I was put on a long down reg cycle and my period wasn’t showing up. So I waited and waited to start progynova. Then when my FS realised that AF wasn’t going to show at all, she put me on a massive dose. 6 in the morning and 6 at night. I continued right up until 10w pregnancy. I swear it made me mental.


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            I've just had a FET cancelled because my lining responded to progynova too quickly - I've read lots on people having trouble building lining up, has anyone been on a very low dose to try and extend the period of estrogen exposure before progesterone was added? My lining is thin like it needs to be at baseline, but the clinic wants me on progynova at least 10+ days before they start me on progesterone, but lining was ready (triple stripe etc) on day 8.