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Egg Donation in Greece

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  • Egg Donation in Greece

    Hello everyone!!!
    I'm new to the forum, so I thought I would pop in and say a quick hello. I went to Greece for egg donation last year and as a result today I have a beautiful baby girl! I was thinking of starting a website or a blog providing information for those who are considering this option, as many don't even know it is an option, or think it is too complicated and difficult. Please feel free to leave a post and I will answer whatever questions I can, but if you want to find out more about egg donation in Greece first, here is a helpful link


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    Hi Ally,

    I'm new too! Congrats on your very successful trip to Greece. A baby girl - how great!!

    My husband and I have recently decided to do overseas donor egg IVF and Greece is looking most likely. We still need more information and have just recently contacted an Australian agency. Hopefully when can get everything ready to go for a December trip this year. It's now our mission!!

    Any information you would be happy to share regarding your experiences would be very much appreciated! At this stage, we are after any information, on all aspects of the whole exciting (daunting) process.

    Thank you for your kind offer to answer questions...!


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      Hello Mel!!
      I love that we are both newbies, welcome to the forum!!
      I remember the whole planning process before going to Greece, a stressful but exciting time, so I really feel for you
      I did everything on my own, I just contacted the clinic via e-mail, and they walked me through the process. They even helped me arrange my accommodation, and the transfer from the airport, so I had no issues at all.
      My doctor was dr. Kanakas, who spoke really good English and made me feel safe and cared for, which is really important, especially when you are in a foreign country. I had email correspondance with my doctor before I visited the clinic, so I felt like I already knew him in a way (I know it might sound silly, but it helped :P).
      The whole process was quite quick, since there was no waiting list. The cost was around 4,000 euros (a bit more than 5,000 aud) and the whole staff was extremely sweet and helpful to me.
      I couldnt have asked for a better treatment, and surely for a better result! Baby Fiona was worth all the trouble!

      You can contact the clinic at or Dr. Kanakas at Hope this information helped, I am here if you need anything else We can be forum buddies


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        Hi Ally,

        Thanks for your reply, and it's great to chat on the forum. I've been reading IVF forums for a few years but never jumped in.

        Thanks for the details on your doctor, and the costs, etc. Sounds like it all went very smoothly. Good on you for organising it all. Can I ask you what made you decide on Embryoland (amusing name!)? Had you been in contact with any other places? Serum keeps coming up in the forums. I guess it's because the agency in Sydney sends lots of couples there.

        We're just reading info at the moment and weighing up how we want to do this. The decision is made, though, so it's just a matter of organising it all. Did you stay in Greece and make a bit of a holiday of it? I'm wondering how easy it is to 'relax' on holiday during the 2 WW.

        Funnily enough, with trying to conceive for ages and having shots 5 at IVF, I'm feeling quite good about this process. Even if it doesn't work, I'm really glad we're trying everything to make it happen. At the very least, we'll see Greece, which has always been on the 'to do list'.

        Hope Fiona is doing well.



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          Hello Mel!

          Fiona says hello

          Hope everything is going well with your research!

          I was lucky enough to meet a Greek woman, friend of the family, who told me about her own ivf treatment at Embryoland (yep, i know, its a weird name). So after that talk I decided to contact them and see how it goes and the rest is history

          At the time I hadnt done much forum research, so I didnt know about Serum. Since I started looking up the forums, I noticed too it came up a lot, but I dont really have an opinion about it. I guess it must be good, but I am a bit cautious when it comes to agencies.

          About Greece, yeah, I managed to see Athens quite a bit, and I really enjoyed it, especially the food It really depends on how relaxed you are, and for some reason I was really calm and just thought "What will be will be".
          I am glad you are relaxed too, that will surely help the process!
          Anything you need I am here.



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              Hi Ally,

              sorry I'm having issues with my iPad.
              Firstly congratulations on having your baby girl

              I have a couple of other Q for you.
              Was there many donors to choose from?
              What was the cost of the egg donation agency?
              What was the cost of the clinic and name?
              What accommodation did you stay at and costs?
              Do you know the minimum requirement of days they require you to be there?
              Did everything to do with agency and clinic go smoothly and to plan?

              sorry for all the Q. I'm so happy to meet someone that has travelled to Greece


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                Hello Amandamoo!
                I am glad to help
                So, you do not get to choose your donor, as the donors are anonymous (its a legal requirement in Greece), but all the donors are less than 30 years old, with previous successful pregnancies.
                I didn't use an agency, I contacted the clinic straight away and they helped me arrange everything.
                The name of the clinic is Embryoland (you can google them, and there is an english version of the website), and the cost was 4,000 euros for the treatment and 800 euros for the medicine.
                I stayed at Hotel President with my hubbie, which right opposite to the clinic, and the cost is around 80 euros per night for a double room, if I remember correctly. But if you contact the clinic they can help you arrange your accommodation, so dont worry!
                I stayed for 2 weeks, because I wanted to see the city too, but the whole process takes less than one week.
                The clinic was really helpful and everything was really easy to plan, so I never understood the use of an agency. Its a quite straightforward process and the clinic guides you through it, so no need to stress!
                Are you thinking of trying Greece? If you have any more questions dont hesitate to ask!
                Kisses from me and Fiona


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                  Hi Ally
                  Congrats on being a Mum! Given the name, do the clinic do donor embryos as well? If so, I'd love some info on that.
                  Regards and congratulations again


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                    Hello Annette!
                    How are you? Sorry for the late response but I have been quite busy the last few days, Fiona was feeling a bit ill, so you know.. But no worries, she is fine now
                    From what I know, Embryoland has a donor embryo treatment option, but I dont know much about it. You can always send them an email at and if you send them your phone number they can even call you and discuss things in person.
                    I hope everything goes well, keep me posted! And if you need anything else, I am here!


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                      Hello everyone! I am reviving the thread because I am really excited, I just booked my tickets to Greece! I am going mid June for my second try! Fingers crossed in July I will be pregnant to Fionas brother/sister!
                      How is everything going with you? Hope everyone is as happy and excited as me


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                        Ally I can't wait to see how you go. I sent an online query and someone answered and an agent answered and gave me info on serum. Their prices have gone up a lot more now for donor embryo transfer. From $2500 to $5500. I think because of the financial crisis. Put it out of my financial reach at the moment unfortunately.


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                          Annette, I will keep you posted on my news!
                          Hope you can gather some money soon and give it one more try, but till then, just try to enjoy your time as much as you can. If you need anything I am here!


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                            Hi Ally & Annette,

                            Ally - how exciting..!

                            We are in the initial stages of organising our Greek donor program. We are going through an agency in Sydney, who are looking after our tests, medication, communication with the clinic in Athens, etc. Should all be happening in December.

                            All the best with your 'business trip' next month!



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                              Thank you so much Mel!
                              Keep me posted on your news, I would love to know how things went for you! Hopefully soon we will both be really really fat and happy