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Egg Donation in Greece

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    Mel, would you mind telling me which agency you used and if the costs were similar to what ally paid or went up for you too? I tried messaging you but the site wouldn't let me. Hope it is all going well for you.


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      I am pregnant!!!!


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        Hurrah for Ally! Good luck to you to Mel :-) I have been stalking this page for a few weeks since my FS mentioned egg donation in Greece. I've googled my little heart out but still have some questions that maybe you can help with Ally? We are going to keep trying here on a new protocol from my new more progressive FS, for a few more months - I am 39 with an AMH of 12.9, but the Big Fella has some issues, and it turns out I'm a poor responder to IVF meds, so after 5 cycles of IVF we've had three cancelled cycles, 1 egg retrieval that resulted in an ectopic, and 1 egg egg retrieval with nothing fertilised. But if they can't get me to respond to the meds, then its Athens for us (my FS has a relationship with a clinic there but I don't know which one). So my questions are:
        - how long does it take from the time you contact the clinic, to the time you go over for the transfer?
        - how do you know when to fly over given its hard to tell when the egg retrieval will take place? Do you go over early then just wait? Or do you get a flight on a few days notice? My work is not of the flexible kind
        - what do the clinic take into account when selecting a donor? I don't care much about physical features (although similar height and hair colour would be nice) but would be hopeful for a someone with a similar degree of sporty/academic alignment?
        That's all I can think of for the moment - I'm so excited for you!


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          Hello Vixjk!
          Im so excited to you, I can barely think straight!
          Ill try my best now to reply to your questions!
          For me my transfer was around 3-4 months from the time I contacted the clinic. We had to check out everything medically, find a donor and sync our cycles.
          So it is perfectly timed in order for you to be able to do everything in less than 2 weeks! They will be able to tell you the exact dates in advance, dont worry!
          Some physical features are taken into account by the clinic when selecting a donor, but everything is confidential, so you cant really know anything about the donor in specific.
          If you have any more questions you can contact my clinic at, they would happily explain everything in detail, since every situation is different
          I wish you all the best!!!


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            Hi Helen - I emailed Embryoland on Friday and Dr Kanakas said the following:
            "Usually, you will start the whole therapy with your doctor in your country and you will finish the egg retrieval and embryotransfer here in Athens.So you have to stay once in Athens (1st consultation – 1 day / egg retrieval – up to 4 days)

            The following blood examinations are needed:
            HIV I, II,
            Blood group from both partners,
            und Cystic Fibrosis Mutation from your partner.

            The cost for egg donation procedure are the following:

            - the medicines for the hormone stimulation of the donor ca. 900 Euro and
            - the Embryotransfer between 4.400 and 4.600 Euro.

            Our egg donors are less than 30 years old and have usually had already a successful pregnancy.

            Send me some pictures of you so we can select a donor based on your characteristics.

            For patients or their partners from abroad who have to stay for a longer time, we can recommend the President Hotel, a comfortable 4-star hotel, which is located very close to our clinic (

            Doing the therapy during X-mas period is no problem for us.

            I hope that helps - I haven't called him yet as we are having a last attempt or two here, then after that will follow the advice of Dr Lolatgis about which clinic to use. I'm trying to convince my husband that Italy and Paris would make the 2WW much easier! Good luck


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              And here I am again ... but I discovered the "Serum-ivf" website has a really useful document for egg donor recipients, timeframes etc ...

              I imagine the process is relatively similar regardless of clinic?


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                Ally1 - hope your trip is/was great and you've come back UTD! I booked my annual leave today for November ... We have our next appointment with the FS in two weeks, and after that we book flights - exciting!


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                  Hi we are going to greece next week. What did it cost for donor eggs, how many did you end up with? How many embryos did they transfer back to you and did they do embryo transfer on day 3 or 5 regards Kathy


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                    Hi Kathy,

                    In November I went to Genesis Clinic in Greece and it was 5,500 Euro for egg donor cycle DH sperm (but 5,200 if you were prepared to accept a receipt for a lessor amount). Plus accommodation, fglights and my meds (the donors meds are covered in the 5,500).

                    Next week I fly to Athens for the same treatment but at Serum Clinic and it is 5,000 euro for treatment, plus flights accomm and my meds (again her meds are covered).

                    Both clinic's prefer to transfer 3 embies on Day 5 for someone at my age (40). I think both clinics will also transfer 4 embies - or less if that's what you want. For my transfer last November, only 2 embies made it to Day 3 so I had a day 3 transfer.

                    If you want to catch up in Athens next week (I arrive on Thurs 10th), just PM me.

                    Cheers, Vix


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                      Hi everyone
                      I am new to the forum and thought I would share my experience as this forum helped me a lot when I was doing research.
                      After many failed IVF attempts with a very reputable clinic in Sydney over 6 years I decided it was time to look into international egg donation as I had low overian reserve and was not getting many eggs to do ICSI.
                      This was a very daunting decision but I really want a baby.
                      After much research I decided on Greece and Embryoland with Dr Nikos Kanakas. This was the best decision I have ever made in this process. Dr Kanakas is an amazing caring and talented doctor. From my first enquiry which I did directly with the clinic to the transfer day I totally felt he only had my best interests at heart. He is amazing and I would definitely recommend him to anyone going over. Even the Greek people I spoke to advised me Embryoland had a great reputation over there. They have a hotel right next door so you don’t have to worry about moving around.
                      Greece is lovely and the people are great.. The food is awesome as well.
                      At this stage I have been back nearly two weeks and am awaiting to see if my transfer was successful. If not I would totally go back to Embryoland and try again but hopefully I wont need to.
                      I had two embryos transferred as this was the best thing for me personally. On the day of transfer we saw the two tiny embryos on the screen and watched as they moved and embedded into my lining. This was the most amazing moment and something that was not shown to me when we did a transfer in Australia. My husband and I were amazed…
                      If anyone has any questions I am more than happy to try and answer them. Dr Nikos and the Embryoland team really make you feel important and looked after. I feel very blessed to have discovered Dr Nikos and hopefully we get a positive result. I will update you all when I know.
                      Please Please do not be scared of going overseas. It feels daunting but I really wish I had done this sooner and not wasted so much money in Australia.
                      Fingers crossed (and everything else) until we can do our test.
                      Good luck to everyone!!!!


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                        HI Kathy

                        I used Embryoland Dr Kanakas. He was fantastic. The cost was $4800 Euro for everything with the clinic and he transferred two embryos on day 4. Will find out if successful in the next few days but would highly recommend Embryoland as it is a smaller clinic and I felt totally looked after.

                        Good luck with your decision.


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                          Thankyou for you reply. We fly out next Wednesday so very nervous. Did you have any embryos to freeze? How many eggs did you get? We are crossing our fingers for you. When do you find out? How long were you in Athens? Did you pay in cash or visa? If cash did they want aus dollars or eur? Look forward to hearing from you
                          kathy and Craig


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                            I fly out on Wednesday too -I'm on the 10:00 pm Eithad. I'll be nervous too - last time I was on the verge of tears the whole time I was so stressed about my lining which at that stage was too thin ... it's too thin now too, but I'm hoping my scan on Monday will show its thickened up nicely!

                            We had no embryos to freeze. I'm aware of three other girls who went over at various times. One had two put in a 5 to freeze, the other girls had nothing to freeze. This clinic I'm seeing this time seems confident we will have three to put in and some to freeze.
                            Last time I had a three day transfer, I did a home pregnancy test about 12 days later and it was positive.
                            We were in Athens just over two weeks then went to Turkey for about 5 or 6 days. I had to fly from Turkey back to Athens for the transfer ... there had been a delay with my donor...
                            This time I will be in Athens for about 7-8 days.
                            Last time everything was paid in cash (euro - we brought it over from Aus, very nervous carrying that much cash around!), we paid in a room called "the library" that had a cash counting machine, and we got a reciept for a much lessor sum than what we actually paid. Because we agreed to accept a reduced receipt, they gave us a discount of 300 euro off the treatment ... dodgy greek tax evasion! Greeks don't like credit cards much - too easy for the govt to see what you're earning I suppose, they are forever telling you their credit card machine is 'broken'. (I'm married into a greek family).
                            The clinic we are using this time have enabled us to pay for some stuff via paypal and visa - tests etc. But the actual donor treatment we paid by cash transfer into a swiss bank account ... more tax evasion I suspect!
                            Good luck! Are you going for treatment on this trip (and if so which clinic?) or just checking it all out?


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                              Firstly my test yesterday was positive Yeah!!! they do work.

                              Unfortunately no eggs to freeze so we froze sperm instead just in case.
                              I had 9 eggs with 5 that fertilized and 3 strong embryo's. The day before transfer we with the Dr to transfer 2 embryos as I am 41yrs old and he had a patient the day before who found out she had triplets so he was a bit worried if 3 all took as I might not be strong enough to carry 3. So we transfer the 2 strongest embryo's.
                              We had booked for 12 days in Athens. When I arrived the DR advised he was happy with the lining so he wouldn't need to see me for 5 days so we travelled around a bit and then came back to Athens.My transfer was done on the morning we flew out. So no lifting for me.
                              We were going to pay $3000 euro cash and the rest card but my card wouldn't work( i forgot the pin number) so we paid the whole amount in cash euro's.

                              Good luck with everything. I know how stressed you must feel but it really is not as bad as you are imagining.

                              You will love Greece. Go into the Jumbo store that was fun. Do some day trips and enjoy the Yiro's and bakeries on every corner. They do great fresh orange juices as well.

                              Have a great trip and I will be hoping it is all successful for you.



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                                Congrats on your BFP Amanda That's awesome. Hope it's all plan sailing for you from here