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Information on double donation

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  • Information on double donation

    Hi all,

    I hope this is the place where i may find some answers. I'm in a lesbian relationship and have been told that my eggs are not viable. DP is willing to hand some of hers over (hopefully they are good!!) however, we have been told that double donation is not allowed in South Australia.

    We use clinic supplied donor sperm and DP and I aren't considered a family so she is effectively donating to me as well.

    Does anyone know of this interstate?

    Any loopholes?

    Options on donor embryo's? Maybe we can get her through IVF and then have the remaining eggs transfered to a willing clinic for me... then again i'm not sure how that works with the sperm donors consent?

    Any information would be appreciated

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    Hi, I hope you can find the answers you seek. I have sent you PM with some info.


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      I've posted in another area for you


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        Thanks Ladies, just an update that we managed to find the loophole!!! As we are 'a family' dp can donate to me and we can use donor sperm.

        Interestingly, she had to sign all the normal legal documents (and as such full legal custody of the embryo's over to me) and we couldn't do it if we weren't in a relationship.

        Unfortunately, her eggs haven't responded so well as yet.