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donor egg in exchange for donor sperm

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  • donor egg in exchange for donor sperm

    Hi all,
    My situation is we've tried ivf
    icsi, had 1 success DD4 We now have done 7 attempts. We are still desperate to have a sibling for our girl and to complete our dreams.
    Has anyone contemplated donating there eggs in return for sperm to (DIY) from a couple. Do you think there would be many couples willing to exchange?

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    renaeshep- good luck in your search hon. I think you would have a good chance of finding someone for this. I would jump at it if i had a partner. Unfortunately single and using donor sperm myself from clinic. I understand the cost becomes overwhelming after so many cycles.


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      In the UK they do this and also egg share - meaning 2 couples use the same egg donor at the same time ( split the eggs between the 2 couples i mean).

      I myself dont think its a crazy idea as long as everyone is on the same page.

      i dont need donor eggs but maybe my husband can help you


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        The tricky thing with this is you would need to donate your eggs before attempting any home insems yourself.
        You would have to be very sure about this before going ahead.
        You would also need to think about if your going to reveal to the clinic if you are making this 'swap' as they then to look down upon a sperm and egg swap because of the risk of one of the couples not being successful.

        However by doing DIY or home insems this is one way around having to tell the clinic IYKWIM!

        also you would most likely benefit from someone in the same state as you as it could take a while doing DIY


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          Hi there

          have you had any luck.

          My partner Steve and I would may consider this - we are looking for an egg donor. We live in Melbourne.

          Cat and Steve


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            we may take this

            Hi Renaeshep,

            I need egg donor and my husband is healthy. We will consider your proposal if you haven't met your ideal sperm donor. We are from Perth. Where do you live?


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              Hope you have had some success with your sperm search!
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                Hi there,

                my partner and I are happy donor egg in exchange for donor sperm we live in Adelaide can anyone help us

                Originally posted by Babykisses View Post
                Hi there

                have you had any luck.

                My partner Steve and I would may consider this - we are looking for an egg donor. We live in Melbourne.

                Cat and Steve


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                  wow you have lots of offers there, good luck with your journey xxx


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                    Hi Reneashep, how did you get on with your search. Is this type of swap successful?


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                      Hi Reneashep,

                      I am looking for an Egg Donor and my partner is willing to give sperm we also live in perth, i am 38 and my partner 41 we have had his sperm checked and he is fine but i do need a egg dono, we have been looking for about a year now.

                      If you think you might be interested please contact us.


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                        i could donate eggs

                        Have you had any success yet with an egg donor? I am 34 and live in Lennox Head NSW.

                        I am yet to find a partner and I do not wish to hold out any longer on starting a family.

                        I have recently undertaken bloods and an ultra sound; according to those results I should be good egg donor candidate.


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                          Hi dear,

                          We would be please to exchange a sperm donation for eggs, if we find a good match between us.

                          My husband is 6' feet tall, he is a really good person, social, is has dark hair and blue/green eyes. He has a master degree and has a good job. He has a really good health.

                          We would love to have our first baby. I'm menopause since I have 30 years old.

                          Thanks a lot!
                          Louli and pat


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                            Hi all, Wow so many people in the same boat. My husband had another vasectomy reversal back in September. Last sample said 30% alive and kicking. I'm going to a natropath to sort out my Endo problems. Hopefully we'll be preg naturally in the next few months.

                            My natropath has given me tons of pills to help my body. I use the kinesiology machine which came up that my body was a mess and couldn't support a pregnancy. Turns out my body was rejecting any embies due to immune system being streesed.
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                              I think you need to get legal advice.

                              Whilst the idea seems so logical and obvious to me, I fear that it is likely to contravene Australian laws prohibiting the sale or trade of bodily products.