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Can I still donate???

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  • Can I still donate???

    Hi all

    I am going through the process of finding potential egg recipients and was sent an info pack on egg donation.

    In the medical kind of section there were all sorts of medical history type questions, and all of my answers were NO - apart from having a tattoo in the last 12 mths....would this be enough to stop me being able to donate???

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    I don't really know anything about egg donation, but i know you can't give blood until 12 months after a tattoo. So i would say you would probably just have to wait until after 12 months. Hope that helped a little


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      It does take some time to go through the counselling and etc, so dependent on how long ago it was, by the time you have approached the recipients, got to know each other and done counselling etc, the 12 mths might be up anyway.


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        you would just have to call the nearest big hospital and ask for reproductive services and they could tell you.

        I have 8 couples that im trying to find a donor for if you havent found a recipient yet


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          I have trawled through the web and most information on there states you can donate between 6 & 12 months after a tattoo. As the previous posts say I guess that by the time you find a recipient you would like to help, get your counselling etc done it will be approaching a few months anyway.
          I have a tattoo also, and hadn't even thought of that in relation to egg donation, so thanks for raising that. I will be sure to ask any prosective donor I talk to, if I even get that far. Good luck with your own journey