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To all the people that have donated or know someone that has.

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  • To all the people that have donated or know someone that has.

    Hi, I have some questions
    I know their are some very small risks on donating egg when it come to the donors fertility, but I can find any infomation on the internet of anyone having problems conveving after donating?

    I know this is why they say prefferd completed family. But I'm just curiouse if any one has had problems after with their fertility or know any one that has?

    Another question
    After donation has any one fell pregnant because they were very fertile aftet using the fertility drugs?

    And how long do these drugs stay in your system for?

    Any replies would be great

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    although they have to tell you that there is the 1% chance that donating will affect your fertility, i have done 39 cycles and it hasnt affected my fertility at all ( im now 39).

    They say preferred family completed or at least have had one child just in case you happen to be the 1% that donating affects and you cant go on to have more children. But in saying that they will still accept you if you have not had children and are not too young ( as in 22,23).

    I was careful with contraception ( or more so than usual) for a month after donating just to make sure that i wouldnt get pregnant by accident. The drugs are in your system for 2-4weeks after donation. I hope this helps