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    Wow ! that is deep it is real it is the sharing of life. I am new at this site and I have been thinking about donating my eggs for a while now. Its a scary thought ,a full grown egg , the little human you shared with someone contacting you in the future. Its not near as scary as the thought of not being able to have a baby on your own. Thank you sarah for sharing the realness of donating eggs it makes me happy to know people think of all aspects. What is the best way to start the process ?
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      This is probably a bit of a silly question - but, can eggs only be taken during ovulation?
      If having a procedure (EG: caesarian or other op) can anything be done whilst under, an eggs be donated whilst having another op?


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        Melannh - The eggs can only be taken at the point of 'ovulation'. Well that is my understanding.

        It is all very well timed ... right on the hour basically and all the medication that you take enable you to produce more than one egg on most occasions. Normal cycle that we do every month usually produces only one egg, but with the medication, I have heard of some women getting up to 48!!! This was a bit of a record in my books!!! But I would say the answer is pretty much a dead flat no, because you need to be on the meds to produce more than one egg and also your cycle is, as I said, monitored right down the the hour for when they do surgery to collect.

        Hope this helps.



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          Oh and I just wanted to say, it wasn't a silly question at all. I had NO idea about anything really until I started reading up on it all at the beginning. So please, ask away. Nothing is ever considered silly.


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            Hi as I've had two miscarriages I've been thinking About egg donation is an option for us. Do you know how long it takes to find one in Australia through advertising on forums etc?


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              Young mum wants to donate!

              I am 26 years of age and have been searching for information regarding donating my eggs. I have discussed it with my husband after we decided not to have any more children and we have come to the conclusion that while I am healthy, young and verile i might as well donate my eggs to help those who are unable to concieve naturally.

              We have friends who went through IVF and had to use egg donors and if the 2nd egg had of failed I would have approached them to help them have a child.

              I know you may think I am too young to make this decision, but I feel that if I am not going to use them, then I may as well give someone else the opportunity to feel the joy of having a child of their own.

              I applaud the fact that you have made this information available as I was informed through my friends that the only way that they could obtain an egg was via ads run through the IVF newsletter. I am VERY keen to be led through the right channels to donate. It is not a decision I have taken lightly, I have read all your information and am willing to meet and even have regular contact with the child if they wish so. I will always wonder where they are and what they are doing, but I will also know that without my help, they would not have a wonderful family who wanted them immensely!!



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                Hi Mammof2

                What an amazing friend you are. Just popping in briefly to say there is an awesome site full of donors and recipients alike (such as your friends) called Aussie Egg Donors. It too is full of information and great for any silly questions you may have.

                It may take a couple of days to login as the girls that run it do it in own spare time. But hundreds of wonderful women over there for great support.

                You will find all the information you need as you cycle etc.

                Anyway all the best with your journey with your friend.

                x 3DD


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                    Thanks guys for your support and I will check out the website mentioned. Thanks for the help!


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                      Originally posted by xkwzit View Post
                      Hi cani

                      You are perfectly right when you say that there are so many needing help. But I think that the info provided is good in that it does make you consider the really hard aspects of egg donation. The rights of the resultant child are important too and I think their right to know where they come from is critical.

                      From reading this information I know that I am just not cut out to be an egg donor. I could never separate myself from any egg I donated. To me it would be exactly like giving a child of mine away to other people to raise. It wouldn't matter how much contact I had. I would feel that the child were mine, which makes me exactly the wrong type of person to consider egg donation.

                      However, I love that there are some women (and their partners too) out there who have it within them to give this awesome gift to some very deserving people without conditions or entanglements. Such women are truly precious.

                      i have donated twice now both times the ladies got anon through qld fertility centre and the other i chose someone off here and have done semi anon meaning i know her by email but we are not going to keep in touch...

                      personally i am not sure that i could know the person but that is me personally 9Keep in touch etc)....i think you need to be totally clear on what you are happy with re donation as is a big issue...

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                        Ive been thinking about donating for awile now but wanted to know would bieng a mild epileptic be a factor in bieng able to?


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                          Too many posts! Too many pages! Can I please ask what are most likely common questions, but haven't found the answers to? Does ED affect the donors fertility and/or future chances of conceiving? Does an ED's weight have any effect on the process?
                          Does a person who falls pregnant easily necesarily make a good potential ED?
                          How long after birth / breastfeeding can someone donate? Doma donor and recipient have to live locally to each other, and if not, does the donor travel to the recipient? How long would the donor be away from home?


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                            Hi, I'm 21 and have never really thought about donating eggs until yesterday when I was asked by a friend whether I would consider being a donor for a couple he knew who were having trouble conceiving and had asked him if he knew of anyone willing and trustworthy.

                            I'm still trying to process this concept.

                            I would really love to help them out BUT as you can guess, I have a billion questions and am really hesitant to commit to anything yet, so I'm looking into it.

                            I would firstly like to know how long the entire process takes (including all the appointments, ultrasounds, injections etc)? What is involved? Does it matter if you are a virgin?

                            I'm also anxious about my emotional strength/attachment to the child. I think I am already struggling with the idea of being seperated from a child that partially came from me. Does this make me someone who shouldn't consider egg donation? or is there a way that I can look at this differently that would, I suppose, detatch me?

                            There is so much to consider.

                            But I would reeeeeeeally like to help out someone who, just because her body won't respond for some reason or another, can't make a family.


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                              Originally posted by tj04 View Post
                              I'm also anxious about my emotional strength/attachment to the child. I think I am already struggling with the idea of being seperated from a child that partially came from me. Does this make me someone who shouldn't consider egg donation? or is there a way that I can look at this differently that would, I suppose, detatch me?
                              Hi TJ

                              You are a special person for even thinking about doing such a wonderful thing for someone. I'm not going to try to answer all your questions but I will say that donating is often done by women who have already completed their own family. Younger people can do it but for various reasons, both medical and emotional, it is generally considered ideal that the donor has already completed her family. Your feelings about "giving away a little piece of yourself" may change with time and with the experience of having your own children. Stay in touch with your true feelings at all times and you will know if it is something you really want to do and when the time is right. You are certainly doing the right thing by getting information about the process before jumping in – get as much as you can before making any decisions and never donate unless you are 110% sure that it is what you want to do.

                              There is a lot of useful information on this site so have a good look round. Additionally, have a look at some of these...

                              egg donor faq – bubhub
                              useful links – donor conception information and support

                              I hope you find this information useful. Good luck with your research.



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                                egg donation

                                hi there
                                as a potential egg donor recipient, we are payimg all the costs & I know that the actual lovely egg donor will end up with about $2,000 when it is over, by no means can you put a price on such a thing though!